Version 0.9.0 available for download

I was pleased to announce that, after several months of intensive work, you can already download the version 0.9.0 Film Business 2. But before you do that, read some important information.

Information about changes and news in this release can be found in version history, and a more detailed description of the new functionality in the entry on my personal blog.

With the new version, the game requires an updated .NET Framework library (up to version 4.5). Rest assured, most likely nothing special you do not have to do, because you probably already have them installed on your systems (this library is very popular and is used by many applications such as video card drivers). If it is not detected during installation, the installer will inform you and indicate where it can be download. However, if for some reason something went wrong, just let me know by email. I will try to help you solve the problem.

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A summary of what's new in version 0.9.0

The new version of the Movie Business 2 marked passes 0.9.0 is fast approaching. So collect all the news, changes and modifications that appear in this version of the game and summarize it in one post. Welcome to the text on the my private blog, where in addition to a summary of all recent posts about the new version, there is some slightly more extensive comments to each of the new features, as well as a few not yet described. Link to this entry has also been placed in the section Director's Cuts.

I invite you to read and comment.

Profiles in the cloud

The version of 0.9.0 film business will allow you to store a player profile. Cloud or on the game server.

In which situations this feature can be handy:

  • When we play more than one computer or start the game at the first but we leave for example. For the holidays to the house, and we would like to continue for example gaining further challenges. Then we can export such a profile before leaving and then import it on the new computer (where we previously installed the game).
  • Another common case is to reinstall the computer. Here again before reinstalling export profile and reinstall we can recover it from the cloud.

Due to the fact that storing a profile in the cloud occupies a valuable space on the server is a feature available for donors From the gold level.

Translation and review updates

Nowa wersja Biznesu Filmowego wprowadza kilka istotnych zmian i usprawnień w recenzjach. Pojawienie się sequeli wymusiło znaczne rozbudowanie ilości warunków, które wpływają na ich tworzenie. Niezbędne było dodanie wielu zależności pomiędzy nowym filmem, a oryginałem, począwszy od jego oceny, przez wartości poszczególnych parametrów scenariusza, po obecność lub brak konkretnych twórców oraz oceny ich występu w obu częściach. Zależności są dosyć skomplikowane izobaczymy jak będą sprawdzać się w praktyce. Sugeruję jednak uważne przyglądanie się nowym recenzjom 🙂

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Short films

Until now, short films have been one of the genres. It wasn't the happiest solution because short yardage is a form rather than a genre. I decided to change it and the impulse was the comments I received from the author Level Design books about game design, which I mentioned to you on the occasion of the collection on the site Polak Potrafi.

As a supporter of this project, I chose the opportunity to receive an analysis of any game as a reward. Of course, the choice fell on Film Business 2. As a result, I received a few page document along with some suggestions about the design of the game. One of them was to give players the opportunity to experiment more easily without incuring a lot of risk, in the form of losses leading to rapid bankruptcy. Jacek, the author of the study, as a solution has just proposed the creation of short films that would be cheaper to produce, and therefore, in case of success, the consequences of this would not be so severe for the player.

I really liked this suggestion, and that I was going to get rid of short films anyway, it was a good opportunity to modify the game.

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Today about the new functionality available to Donors. Several times there were suggestions from players to allow for an infinite game time or to be able to continue the game after completing the standard time for a given type of game. I didn't quite like this idea due to the fact that the game contains many time-dependent algorithms. These include aging creators and other dynamic parameters. An additional problem is data structures that can be overloaded with too long a game period. A longer explanation of the lack of such functionality can be found in FAQ section.


However, to meet the expectations of players, I decided to do a little experiment and provide a new option called Game+.

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Changes in the levels of donors

The movie business is constantly being developed, appear in the newer and more sophisticated hence I have found that the current amount of donations do not reflect inserted time and effort in creating the game. Since their findings it has been, in fact, a lot of time during which the game heavily developed and offers a lot more features and powerful options. As that in the latest version appear more features available only to donors decided to slightly modify the thresholds for each level.

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Temporary production costs depend on the film's budget

Temporary production costs are the additional costs incurred by the producer in the production of the film. Their amount depends on the quantities and types of developers involved in our project. So far, their size, however, was independent of the budget of the film causing a player to produce a film about the multimillion budget of even ignoring them.

The new version of the game it will change. Monthly production costs will depend on the budget (the cost of the entire movie). What will be the consequences? Ano such that much more will have to be careful of the length of the production of the film. With every month since these costs can (but need not – due to the random factor) to grow.

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In the current (0.8.7) version of the game, in the production of the new film you will see option “sequel”However, it does not have any significantly on the fate of such production. When I started to wonder how it would look in the final form of an implementation of this functionality I've come to the conclusion that it should behave quite differently than it used to be I thought.

So here is how to look the sequels made from version 0.9.0 Movie Business 2.

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Freedom in the actions of the director

Another feature that was hosted in the production window of the new film almost from the beginning but so far has not been implemented, is the possibility of free hand meals to the director. In the new version of the game, finally, this option will start to work.

What will it consist of? Well, in a big cinema on the final shape of the movie very strongly influences the manufacturer often limiting the activities Director (hence the crop of movies in versions of reżyserskich which represent a real vision of the Director). In the Film Business, the player (or the manufacturer) will have the opportunity to Denmark a certain freedom in the doings of the Director affecting the ultimate shape of the film.

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The second part of the Movie Business offers the possibility to export films produced by players to the site with statistics online MovieStats. Thanks to this, your best productions can go to the global BoxOffice where you can watch and compare achievements with other fans of the game. Unfortunately, due to the non-commercial nature of the Film Business, and thus the limitations in the amount of space available on hosting, it is not possible to send all the films produced by you. Sometimes, however, there are situations when you would like to share with other players (or the author of the game) a film that was not the best but stood out with something from other productions.

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Script adjustements

The scenarios that are the basis for the production of films in the Film Business, you can get in two main ways: buy a ready scenario on the free market, or create it from scratch, in its sole discretion.

When we entered into possession of a scenario it could not already be subject to modification. At most, during the production of the film, we can change its completion or ultimate movie censorship, which can lead to a reduction in the amount of violence and/or sex in the final production.

In the earliest version of the game will, however, the option to amendments to your scenario.

How it will look?

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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is the title of the novel by Williama Makepeaca Thackeraya wydanej w 1847 a będącej satyrą na angielskie społeczeństwo XIX wieku. To miejsce podejrzane, pełne fałszu, obłudy, kłamstwa i szacunku dla pozorów. Vanity Fair is also the name of a popular magazine on culture, politics, life and Vogue. And, in this context, it must be interpreted in the game.

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I want to appear in your film

W zbliżającej wersji BF2 pojawi się nowa funkcjonalność, która już kilka razy pojawiają się w propozycjach graczy. Dotyczy ona możliwości zgłoszenia się do nas jakiegoś bardziej znanego twórcy, który za znacznie niższą gażę zechce zagrać w naszej produkcji.

Oczywiście jest kilka warunków, które trzeba spełnić aby taka sytuacja mogła nastąpić.

Po pierwsze trzeba mieć asystenta. Założenie jest bowiem takie, że to nasz asystent w nieformalny sposób (np. na jakiejś imprezie) szepnie słówko jakiemuś aktorowi/aktorce (lub jego asystentowi) o naszej nowej produkcji, która to potencjalnie może go zainteresować.

Po drugie scenariusz do filmu musi być naszego autorstwa. Bo to właśnie oryginalność naszego filmu ma przekonać danego twórce do tej roli.

Po trzecie nie zawsze aktor, który będzie chciał u nas zagrać będzie z najwyższej półki ani nie jest powiedziane, że będzie to dobry aktor… będzie to po prostu popularniejsza postać niż ta którą oryginalnie dobraliśmy do obsady. Tak więc ostatecznie to Ty, jako producent, musisz podjąć decyzję czy ta “okazja” jest warta świeczki… może się okazać, że do Twojego ambitnego dramatu zgłosi się np. Paris Hilton…

I ostatnia kwestia… nie będzie to zbyt częste zdarzenie… nie oczekujcie więc, że co do drugiej Waszej produkcji będą pchały się tłumy aktorów chcący grać za pół darmo… po prostu gra być może, czasami Was zaskoczy.