Let’s play Movie Business 2

As none of the famous youtubers recorded let’s play video about Movie Business I decided to make up for this huge shortcoming :). This film was made on the one hand because there was no similar video so far, and on the other hand because recently on Discord there were people who said that the game was too difficult. So I wanted to show that it is not trivial, but you can get out of all the troubles somehow :). And since life writes the best scripts, the movie from a long fragment of the game turned out to be a real thriller. I do not want to reveal too much about the plot of this production, but it does not start too well, during the game I have to face many unexpected obstacles and use many elements available in the game to get out of trouble.

The game took over 2 hours and you can find it on the official game channel.

The video is recorded in English and in the full post you will find details of what you will find in it.

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Director's cut: Summary of news in the 2021 edition

The 2021 Edition is just around the corner. According to tradition, I invite you to a detailed summary of the novelties that will be included in it. Find the text in two versions

Even if you have followed carefully all the texts about the 2021 Edition on the official site it is worth reading this text because there are a few updates and things that I have not mentioned yet.

The link to the post as usual will be added to the Director’s cut.

I invite you to read.

Director's cut: Movie Business in numbers

From the cycle Director’s cut today a post on my personal blog about the analysis of statistical data of players' movies. This is an extended version of the post that appeared on the Movie Business website, containing statistics about the players' films from the 2020 Edition. Extended, because it also contains information about the players themselves, specifically about the countries and cities they come from. If you have not read the previous post or you are interested in where other players come from, please visit Tomiga Blog for full article (English speakers will need to change their language – option in the menu on the right).


Screenwriter outsourcing

One of the proposals that has been scrolling among players for many years was the opportunity to hire an external screenwriter to create a script for you. In the next edition there will be such an option, although maybe in a slightly different form than some would like.

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In the next version: New response types

In the next version, some quests, interviews and press conferences will be expanded with a new way of interacting. They will be open answers, that is, those where you yourself will have to / can type any text.

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In the next version: Custom Monsters

One of the novelty that appeared in the 2020 Edition game were Monsters. For the record, the monsters allowed us to change the pictures of the actors in our film into pictures of monsters when the name of the hero sounded like a monster that we wanted to include in the film. That is, if the character played by X was called Dracula, instead of photo X there was an image of the most famous vampire.

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Movie Business 2020 Update 6

It's time for another update this time, as usuall, small bug fixes, changes in the balance of the game and an update to the creator set.

For a complete list of fixes and changes, see version history.

This update also includes new creators set with version 62.

Najwięksi kontrybutorzy do tej wersji to:

  • Martin Prymas
  • Andrew89
  • Luke

Wielkie dzięki.

As usual, you can download the game from the page Download MB2

Otrzymałem głosy że niektórzy mieli problem z wczytaniem dużych zapisów stanu gry. W tej wersji udało się nieco odchudzić zapis (o ok 10 MB). Dajcie znać jeżeli wciąż będziecie mieli problemy z odczytaniem zapisów stanów gry.

Have fun!

P.S A jeszcze w najbliższych dniach szykujcie się na nowy trailer 😉

Movie Business 2020 Update 5

Unfortunately, it was not possible to prevent errors in the last update. Hence the need for another version. It corrects two main problems. Not being able to create continuation other than the sequel (in some cases), and improving the game balance (unfortunately I underestimated some parameters and the game turned out to be too simple).

Podziękowania dla Jakub and Bartosz za pomoc w identyfikacji problemów.

For a complete list of fixes and changes, see version history.

As usual, you can download the game from the page Download MB2

Miłej zabawy i jeżeli zauważycie jakieś dalsze anomalie (czy to błędy czy np. fakt, że Waszy filmy mają podejrzanie duże zyski 😉 to proszę o kontakt.


Movie Business 2020 Update 4

As announced here are the 4 update to Edition 2020 Movie Business 2.

The most important changes are:

  • hiring a screenwriter to improve the script,
  • Alternative movie events
  • Charts and statistics about films
  • changes in Casting
  • a new look of detailed film information
  • intensification of advertising
  • new cult movies
  • Set version 61 with many new cult characters

So you could read about the individual changes in the dedicated texts in Polish and English

If you have not yet read them, I invite you to read.

For a complete list of fixes and changes, see version history.

As usual, you can download the game from the page Download MB2

Have fun.


What's new in the next update

Update 4 to 2020 Edition of Movie Business 2 is coming in great strides. So far, I have not written extensive text on such versions, which most often contained only bug fixes and minor improvements. This time, however, I made an exception, because the next update contains some new features about which I would like to write you a few words.

Like the last time, the text was published in two places:

I invite you to read and comment.

P.S Remember that you can find more details about the game in the Director’s cut

In the next version… Intensification of advertising

The next update is fast approaching time so for the first leaks what you will find in it. Among the ideas you have suggested to me, there is often the issue of trailers. Well, you would like to be able to create and release trailers for your movies. In general, I'm not a fan of too much micro management, which is why until now, not outright, trailers were hidden under the option of a marketing campaign. It was simply assumed that if a player during the campaign chose TV or TV Sat then such a trailer for the film will be created. One thing, on the other hand, in terms of advertising that was missing was the fact that just before the film's release, marketing efforts were invigorated. I decided to combine these two requirements and create what I called intensification of advertising

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Movie Business 2020 Update 3

Update number 3 for Edition 2020 is now available. Fixes a few minor bugs and made small improvements.

The game includes an update to set 60.

The main contributors allowed this update:

  • andrew89 (50 creators)
  • Luke (4 creators)

Detailed information about the corrected bugs and a few trifles can be found in the version history.

As usual, you can download the game from the page Download MB2