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Gossip is all kinds of information from the world of games of lesser priority than the events.

This may include both information about thethe relationships between artists. Information about who is who, and who and in which production will take part, as well as rumors of plans to computer manufacturers under the choices and decisions of artificial intelligence.

Rumors in the majority of cases are based on real actions that happened in the game. I.e., if you see text

Will we see X in the sequel (F)?

This means that the computer tried to recruit to the sequel movie of the creator (but do not necessarily have to him to go such as he ran out of funds).

Will the sequel to X!

Means that the manufacturer started working on the script the sequel to X.

In the gossip you can also follow the consequencesthe decision of the producer (as long as the decision will have any consequences).

Rumors can be found in the dedicated the tab in the main window of the game.


Help > The Game > The end of the round