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An external investor allows for partial financing of film production. The investor is able to contribute to the production budget a certain amount of cash (exactly the one that the player lacks in the budget, which he had at the beginning of the game at a given level). In return, expect to participate in profits from production.

Example: assume that an amateur player has 2 million in an account. Starting the game at this level, the player receives the amount of 5 million. Hence, for the production of his film from the investor he received an additional 3 million (2 + 3 = 5). The distribution of profits is therefore 40/60 in proportion to the investor. This means that each month, from the entire profit generated by the film, 40% will be received by the producer, and 60% the investor. Note that unlike the executive producer, the player immediately receives his / her pay (and not after reaching 100% of the return).

In order to be able to use the investor's option, the player's cash level must fall below a certain level, with no prospects for improvement (minimum returns from the previous month, no films in production).

Investors, however, are not charities and take care of their money first and foremost, so that an investor agrees to co-finance a player's film, his project must meet certain conditions.

  • the player must have its own (independently created) scenario
  • the scenario must be the appropriate level (A or B)
  • a scenario has to be one of the basic genres (comedy, romance, horror, family, or action) - These are genres that do not require too large budgets, while allowing for easy profit.

In another case, the investor will estimate that the chances of return on investment are too small.

Films with an investor always have a commercial target group to maximize profits. The player will be notified of the possibility of using the financing with investor with a special notification.

Remarks and comments

If a player chooses to advertise his film, he must cover it entirely from his budget (he will not receive the investor's support in this element). The investor gives only the amount necessary to start production, any subsequent costs must be borne by the player.

This functionality will allow you to continue the game despite the player's initial failure and loss. On the other hand, game tries to show you how to properly approach the production of films. It teaches you to create your own scenario at an appropriate level, and by limiting the number of choices, it directs you to thinking about the profits from production (limiting the production target to commercial and movie genre to a few basic ones that do not require too much money to produce them).

Computer players also uses production with the investor during production of cult films.

> Help > The Game > Film production

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