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One of the most important parameters of the player is his level of difficulty. Depending on the game mode, it can be imposed by the game (in challenge mode and career mode) or chosen by the player (party game).

Proper adjustment of the difficulty level to the level of advancement will allow you to get the most pleasure from the game (so as not to get too frustrated but also not to have too simple).

The game offers three levels of difficulty that significantly affect many aspects of it. These are (in order of easiest): amateur, graduate and a professional.

Below is a description of the elements of the game that is influenced by the choice of difficulty level.

Cash to start

The selected difficulty level directly affects the amount of cash at the beginning of the game. The higher the difficulty level, the less cash available.

Available credit at the beginning of the game

The amount of credit available to the player at the beginning of the game directly depends on the selected level.

Interest rate on the loan

The higher the level of difficulty, the higher the interest.


On the lowest difficulty level, not all trophies are available (this is due to the fact that with greater access to cash at the beginning of the game it is easier to achieve some goals).

Prestige Points

The higher the difficulty level, the greater the multiplier the prestige points received by the player.

Scenario parameter variances

When the player creates his own scenario, he sets the main parameters of the scenario (violence/sex/humor). As you work on the scenario, these values may be modified. The degree of their modification depends on the level of difficulty. The higher the level, the greater the variances can take place.


Setting the violence/humor/sex parameters in the scenario to the following values: 5/5/5 After finishing work on the script, they may have values.

Level Variance Parameters (violence/humor/sex)
Amateur (+/-) 1 4/5/6
Graduate (+/-) 2 5/3/7
Professional (+/-) 3 8/2/5


Many algorithms have coefficients that can vary depending on the level of difficulty

for example:

  • unfortunate events are more likely to happen to players on higher difficulty levels
  • unfortunate events can have greater negative effects on higher difficulty levels
  • positive events will be more likely to occur for players on lower difficulty levels


Additional bonuses

In the party game and in the career, the Amateur player gets at the beginning of the game an assistant hired for a year.


Level summary

And here is a summary of the most important differences between the difficulty levels.


Gameplay element Amateur Graduate Professional Notes
Cash to start 5 million 4 million 3 million  
Available credit 2.5 million 2 million 1.5 million  
Interest rate on the loan 15%? 20% 25%  
Genres access Level I only (5) Level I and II all  
Trophies Limited all all It also depends on the type of game
Prestige Points x1 x2 x3 Prestige points are necessary to unlock new genres and to get better creators to work with us
Scenario variances +/-1 +/-2 +/-3 How much each of the scenario parameters created by the player can differ from the parameters defined by him.
Other facilitation in many algorithms   difficulties in many algorithms  
Additional bonuses free assistant to start, in the party game free scenario to start      

Help > Starting the game -> Player profiles and game modes

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