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Universes enable you to give some "meta" to our videos. When the binding between the productions are not as clear as in the case of ordinary sequels (and their derivatives). Such example, that came to me was for example.The Decalogue by Kieslowski or series 10 movies, which were related to a certain theme (and where some of the characters also appear in the next series of films). Hence the decision was made about the possibility of creating universes.

In the process of creating a new scenario, You can create a new universe in which the film has to play. From that point on, the player, When you create subsequent scenarios (not necessarily the sequels), will be able to select, that scenario is happening in this universe. This allows you to use characters, who performed in this (or another-so you can create crossovers) universe. By default, the character is associated with the original actor (although this does not mean, automatically that the actor wants to play in this new production - unless, We have signed him).

  • Universes do not have a direct impact on the profits of the film
  • References to the may appear in reviews descriptive

Remarks and comments

As, that the Movie business does not provide for a mechanism for serials this element may also be used for some as a substitute for Edie Britt. Just another films from the universe, can be treated as successive episodes (These could be e.g.. shorts in one universe).

Help > The Game > Scripts


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