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Whatever your choice type of game, the primary game loop (a single round) in Movie Business looks like similar.

The passage of time in the game is divided into rounds, which correspond to the month in real time. In the course of one month, you can perform various actions directly related to the preparation and production of the film, as well as a few other additional action.

Before you make a movie of your dreams you must have a script. Script you can buy at the free market or create from scratch by yourself.

When you enter in the possession of scenario, you can start basis on it the production of the film. Here you will have to make some key decisions, from determining the target group our production, by selection of basic and more advanced film parameters, on cast, choice of studio and post production ending with.

If, during the production of the film you run out of cash you can use the service of Bank, which give you credit (of course interest rates respectively).

The next stage is the ability to plan marketing campaign, which will boost your production using different advertising media.

When we produced a good film we can be tempted to report them to the various festivals. Winning there nominations or awards significantly affect the popularity of your production and your prestige as a producer.

If you have enough cash, You can think about investments such as:  employment Assistant, the possibility of investment in studio, or in the works of art.

In your free time you can have a look at the statistics and gained trophies, as well as information on how other players are doing.

When you find, that you already went through all the necessary actions in a round you can finish it.

When all the players perform their actions in the month following its summary. Then we learn about different random events, that can happen to us or our productions, receive additional information and offers, and the ratings of "best" artists and films prepared by various magazines (Vanity Fair).

At this point,, when production of your film comes to an end, it is classed into a suitable age category... This is the last moment to make any cuts in the form of censorship.

At the end of the round held galas Festival, where the best movies can compete for the prestigious awards.  It is also time of opening nights for the new movies, which are rated and reviewed by critics and published a monthly summary of the most watched films in the form of Boxoffice.

At the end of the year is presented also ranking the best producers in terms of artistic and business.

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