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Movies just before the release shall be subjected to the classification in terms of availability for specific age groups – receiving the age categories. It affects the potential size of the audience, who can see the film in theaters. The higher the category the to a smaller audience arrives at your video.

The film may receive one of the following categories:

  • 0+ – without restrictions
  • 12 + – from 12 years old
  • 15 + – from 15 years old
  • 18 + – from 18 years

The allocation to the appropriate age category depends on two main parameters: the amount of violence and sex in the film. But these are not the only criteria. It is also important to complete and target (target group).

This means that ambitious movies may not be intended for viewers without age restrictions. The most common move these topics too complex for young viewers. The minimum age category for such a film is a 12 +. The same is true of movies, that understand can only older viewers. Hence, in the case of artistic films, the minimum age is 15 +.

The following rules apply concerning film ending. Films with a tragic ending will not be allowed to be without limits. The minimum age category for them is 12+.


Before the premiere, the producer receives information about the age category to which his film has been assigned. However, the player has the option to censor his work. Censoring involves reducing the amount of sex and/or violence to make a film less age-rated (one notch).

However, neither the production target nor its ending nor the level of the script are changed. Therefore, despite the use of censorship and the removal of scenes with excessive amounts of sex or violence, the film can still remain at the same level when it comes to the age category.

Sometimes a producer can use this to his advantage (e.g. he bought or received such a scenario) and although he felt that some of his parameters were too extreme, he could not modify them himself.

Why can't I set the age at the time of production of the film? The entire process of creating a movie should be well thought out by the player. Therefore, already at the stage of creating the script, the player should decide to which audience he wants to direct the film. Then he should make the appropriate decisions regarding the amount of violence and sex, as well as the ending of the film. They mainly determine the audience to which a given production will be directed. At the stage of film production, all that remains is to choose the final target group.

> Help > The Game > Film production > Before release


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