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Employment Assistant makes the player more options or opportunities arising from the special opportunities offered by your assistant. The choice is strategic and decision Assistant depends largely on the player's preferred style of play. Contract signed with valid year round. In the last month have the option to extend cooperation for the next 12 months.

Additional possibility offered by the assistants can be divided into three types:

  • basic skills (owned by each Assistant)
  • special skills – specific for given assistant
  • hints

Basic skills of assistants

Here are the additional benefits that the player receives after hiring any of the available assistants:

  • provide information about the events in the game world
  • provide guidance
  • access to a debit (-100 000) during the production of the film
  • theft protection images / scenarios
  • basic skills in negotiation with the creators
  • reduction of percent of profits transferred to actor who appears in several roles
  • You can access the additional options such as: Assistant
    • ability to sign contracts with the developers
    • analysis of films

Basic negotiation skills are useful when you try to employment creator in our production. If we don't have enough prestige in normal conditions, the more valued developers are less likely to work (may not be available or demand higher fees). Thanks to the Assistant and his negotiating skills can be reduced somewhat their financial requirements.

Having an assistant will also reduction of percent of profits transferred to actorthat has been cast in several roles.


Having an Assistant, the production of the movie, you can start with a small debit on the account (100 000)-without the need for borrowing a loan.

Special abilities assistants

In addition to the basic skills of each of the assistants has some special ability from the list below:

  • Banking -allows you to increase the amount of credit available for the player,
  • Charisma -additional (in addition to the standard) negotiation skills,
  • Financial negotiations -additional (above standard) a reduction in the negotiated fee,
  • Interest Relief -reduction in the% interest on the loan.


The hints provided by the assistants can be divided into three main groups:

  • Tips
  • Information
  • Trivia

Tips These are the texts that describe the different elements of the game world, their operation and depending on. Thanks to them, the player will be able to shoot better video, get to know the mechanisms, which are governed by the critics, the audience or the jury of individual festivals. This is a considerable simplification of the stopgap help allows you understand the rules that drive the game.

Informationas the name suggests, inform about the facts about the current game or those coming from the player's history (based on the information stored in their profile).

Trivia other information that is not directly related to the current gameplay but for example. They spoke about the history of the BFa or smaller or larger smaczkach placed by the developer (and often not appreciated by the players;).

Assistant menu

Having an employed assistant, he gives you the option to access additional options, these are:

  • Kontrakt – the possibility of offering a contract to creators
  • Analysis of the film – Analysis of the player's random video
  • Search for an executive producer offer – Searching for an executive producer
  • Scouting – possibility of employing scouts
  • Suggest a creator role – the ability to propose a role to a specific creator
  • Chat – Talk to an assistant
  • Options – Assistant options

Assistant options

  • Remind about the possibility of repayment of the loan
  • Inform about festivals
  • Warn about contract termination
  • Show tips
  • Show trivia
  • Show tutorials
  • During the casting, also include creators who want to negotiate garze
  • Open question at press conferences


Help > The Game > Investments


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