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Employment of Assistant by player allows access to additional options or opportunities arising from special opportunities offered by your assistant. Selection of assistant is a strategic decision and depends largely on the player's preferred style of play. Contract signed with the assistant is valid for year. In the last month, you have the option to extend further cooperation for next 12 months.

Additional possibility offered by the assistants can be divided into three types:

  • basic skills (held by each assistant)
  • special skills – specific for given assistant
  • hints

Basic skills of assistants

Here you can find list of additional benefits which the player is dealt by employment of assistants:

  • provide information about the events in the game world
  • provide guidance
  • access to debit (-100 000) during production of the film
  • theft protection images / scenarios
  • basic skills in negotiation with the creators
  • reduction of percent of profits transferred to actor who appears in several roles
  • You can access the additional options such as Assistant:
    • ability to sign contracts with the developers
    • analysis of films

Basic negotiation skills are useful when trying to employment creators in our production. If you do not have sufficient prestige normally more respected creators are less willing to cooperate (may not be available or demand higher salaries). Thanks to assistant and his negotiation skills you can reduce some of their financial requests.

Having an assistant will also reduction of percent of profits transferred to actor, which was cast in several roles.


Having an assistant cause, that the production of the film, you can start with a small debit on the account (100 000) - without the need of taking a loan.

Special abilities assistants

In addition to the basic skills of each of the assistants have some special ability from the list below:

  • Banking - allows to increase the amount of credit available to the player,
  • Charisma - additional (in addition to standard) negotiation skills,
  • Financial negotiations - additional (above average) reduction of negotiated salary of creators,
  • Interest Relief - decrease % interest on loan.


Tips provided by assistants can be divided into three main groups:

  • Tips
  • Information
  • Trivia

Tips These are texts describe the various elements of the game universe, their mechanics and dependencies. Thanks to them,, player will be able to shoot better movies, known mechanisms, that drive the critics, audience and the jury of each festivals. This is a simplify substitute for help that allows to know the rules of the game.

Information, as the name suggests, inform about the facts from the current game or those, from history of player (based on the information stored in their profile).

Trivia This is other information, that are not directly related to the actual gameplay but such which. will speak about the history of MB or smaller or larger easter eggs placed by the author (and often not appreciated by the players ;).

Help > The Game > Investments


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