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By choosing the option to create a scenario you get the opportunity to write it from scratch.

By creating your own scenario we have to decide about the following its properties:

  • Title,
  • Length,
  • Genre
  • Basic properties (violence/humor/sex)
  • Description of plot
  • Quote
  • Ending
  • Creators
  • Motives

Below you will find a description of each property.


We start, of course, by assigning a working title to our scenario. If we have no inspiration, we can use the database of build in titles in the game and generate a random one. Thanks to the title history, we can easily return to the previously generated one. The title of the script does not have to be the final title of the film created on its basis, because it can be changed during the production of the film.

Film type (length)

The game offers two types of movies:

  • featured
  • short films

Most often, players will create feature films that are the default type of movies in the game. Short films are cheaper to produce, hence they can be used in the initial phase of the game to earn more funds and experiments. Short films, however, have several limitations (such as the lack of possibility to submit to festivals for which they can not win prizes). More about the types of movies you will find in this section.


There are over 20 movie genres available in the game. Their availability depends on the type of game and the level of difficulty chosen by the player. Not all of them are available from the beginning for each player in each game mode.

There are several basic film genres available as standard. Over time, with the acquisition of prestige points, the player has the option of following genres. The final amount of genres available to the player depends on its type and level of difficulty. All 23 genres are available only for players playing on Professional level.

The genre defines the general framework for which film we want to produce. And depending on it, we determine the main features of the scenario which are: the amount of violence, humor and sex.

Each of these properties can take the intensity on a scale from 0 (lack of particular characteristics) to 10 (maximum value).

Genres also give us some invisible elements as expected special effects whether the tension.


By manipulating the main properties of the script (humor, violence, sex) and the type and number of creators, we influence the sub genre. This is not a property that we can set explicitly because its idea is only a hint for the player what type of film he received within the main genre by modifying its main parameters.

Ambition of the genre

The later a genre is available to the player, the more ambitious is considered. The ambitiousness of the genre is taken into account by the jury of festivals. If several films are rated for the same rating, the most ambitious * will be awarded (* it depends on the festival because each of the festivals has some unique features that prefer specific elements / values of the films).


In addition to the main parameters of scenario we can also choose the type of ending. We have a choice of the following values.

  • Happy End
  • Normal
  • Tragic
  • Ambiguous

Ending affects the reception of films by critics and audience.

They are best illustrated by the following table:

Type of finish Impact on critics Impact on viewers
Happy End +
Normal none none
Tragic +
Ambiguous ? (random) ? (random)

Ending may also be changed at the stage of movie productionHowever, this lengthens the time of its creation.

Description of plot

This element does not affect the game in any way. It only increases the player's involvement by allowing the short story description of the scenario to be placed.


The player can insert (or generate) some iconic quote in their production. It can be used in the review.


The scenario must have also the creators. At least two. One of them is the Director and the second at least one actor.

The maximum number of filmmakers in the film is 10. In addition to the director and from 1 to 7 actors, it can also be a composer and / or an operator. The order in which the actors are placed in the scenario matters. And so the first two are the main characters (leading roles), the next two are supporting roles, and the other characters are episodic roles. And the less significant role is to a lesser extent it affects the final ratings of the film (but also the actors are less important for such roles).

The more significant the more the role of a character assessment affects the final evaluation of the film.

Type of actor's role affects the importance of the role of the creator.

In the case of actors, roles can be given character names. In addition to increasing engagement in the game, they are used also in so-called cult heroes.


The player can also define the themes/motires of the movies. More about motives you can read here


> Help > The Game > Scripts

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