Director's Cut

What is director’s cut? In the case of films, this is a special version of the film depicting the director's original vision before the film was edited and presented to a wider audience. In the case of Movie Business, this is a section where I will collect all longer texts (more or less) related to my game, which were published on my personal blog Tomiga Blog.

So if you are interested in how the Movie Business is created, what the most important changes appeared in the specific versions, what kind of problems or dilemmas I have while creating it, you've come to the right place.

If you are interested in the process of creating the game “behind the lines”, you are sure to find here a lot of interesting things and facts about the project.

The individual entries are ranked in order from oldest.

List of texts published on my personal blog related to Movie Business

  • Game design is not simple – Dilemmas of game developers or how certain design decisions and statistical information can affect the game, its gameplay, difficulty and players' strategy.
  • What next with BFStats – About the circumstances in which “died” previous versions of MovieStats that is, watch out for cheap hostings.
  • Summary of new features in v0.7.0 Movie BusinessInformation about the most important changes in v 0.7.0 BF2. ( the actors in multiple roles, assistants and their functions, career mode, target group (target), studios, post-production, roles in the scenario, aging artists.)
  • Dev diary: the choice of the Member State in the list that is the story of a comboboxa – Contrary to appearances, not only for developers, how to resolve a specific problem one small example programmatic changes.
  • MovieStats online Movie Business players statistics 2 – All about MovieStats – that is, online statistics of players.
  • What's new in version 0.7.5 of the movie Business 2 – The most important changes in version 0.7.5 of MB2 ( creator and countries of their origin, trophy, assistants, negotiation, bonuses for Donors)
  • Movie Business and donations – How to thank the author and motivate it to further development of the project.
  • How do I add artists to the Movie Business – For detailed information about selecting parameters when you add your own creators to the Movie Business 2.
  • Dishonest players – This time, a little reflection on human nature and attempts of cheating in games.
  • About creation of trailer to the Movie Business or how with a limited budget create a trailer for indie games – that is how the first official trailer of the game from an idea, through the implementation of technical, after the final effect
  • What's new in version 0.9.0 Movie Business 2Highly detailed summary of the many new features and changes in this version (e.g: I want to appear in your movie, Vanity Fair, scenarios adjustements, reactions, freedom in the actions of the director, sequels, temporary production costs and its budget, game+, short films, profiles in the cloud, dynamic system of parameters)
  • Cult movies in the Movie Business or about data of the movies on IMDBHow are cult movies in the Movie Business or information about what can be learned from IMDB and how this has been used in the game.
  • What's new in version 0.9.4 of the Movie Business 2About news and changes in version 0.9.4 (executive producer, production reports, postproduction visualization, production with investor, iconic films, paintings, cars and exhibitions, relations between chemistry and bounds between creators, recognition and other improvements of the interface and algorithms)
  • What's new in edition 2018 of Movie Business 2contrary to appearances, this is not just a renumbering but a lot of new exciting features, among them: casting, events in the course of production and producer decisions, contracts with the creators, universes, licenses or rights to movies, rumors, the player in the jury of the Festival, improved artificial intelligence, tutorials, and more.
  • What's new in edition 2019 of Movie Business 2about the changes in the game modes, motifs and tags, character types in the scenario, analytics, new events during production and other innovations introduced in this edition
  • Movie Business Easter Egg Editiona detailed description of the most important easter eggs placed in the game
  • What's new in Edition 2020 of Movie Business 2 that is, about banquets, addictions, monsters, press conferences, cult vehicles, scouting, witcher inspirations (stuff) and other novelties introduced in this edition of the game. The text in is available in two versions: Polish and English
  • What's new in Update 4 for 2020 Movie Business 2 this time about hiring a screenwriter to improve the script, alternative movie events, charts and movie statistics, changes in casting, new-look of detailed film information, intensification of advertising and other changes: Polish and English
  • Movie Business in numbersor how important are statistics and analysis of data in games based on the example of films produced by players of the Movie Business 2 Edition 2020
  • What's new in the 2021 edition of Movie Business 2 – and in it Own monsters and cult characters, open answers, non-players (i.e. not just a Netflix), everything about Stories, artifacts, role proposals for creators, screenwriter outsourcing, Oscar speeches, garage, awards and gallery, events, and others. Text is available in two versions: Polish and English
  • What's new in the 2023 edition of Movie Business 2 – and in it own logo and creator sets, fictionalCharacters set, AI-generated photos, chat with assistant, Movie Business on Linux, Create a star: Plastic surgery, algorithm changes: Polish and English
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