Event during the production and producer decisions

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In addition to the events purely random that player does not have any effect during production of the film can receive the events that require a manufacturer's response. Decisions taken by the Player do I have an impact not only on the final effect produced the film, but also for the entire world.

General events during production will have the following schema:

  • trigger (a condition that must go to the event)
  • Action (what can we do/what decision to take on the event data)
  • profit (what can we gain by making your choice)
  • the cost (at what cost/risk we have to count)

Events can be divided into several categories:

And) Event with a particular decision

  • When we can improve some element or prevent some event but it will cost us (e.g., time, money, relationships)
  • an event in which we can take some risk but their consequences are not possible to predict (and whether it is successful depends on various factors, partially random)

II) events related to the:

To better illustrate the whole concept here is two examples.

Example I

  • Trigger: at the end of the production, it appears that the Director went off poorly (rating <3 *) (and the player still has some free resources)
  • Action: all indications are that the Director's work was not the best. Do you want to make additional shots, that will allow you more freedom when installing?
  • Profit: If you agree is the appearance of the Director increases by 1 *
  • Cost: prolongation of the manufacturing time by one month, and the cost of production is increased by 5% of the budget of the film

Example II -less obvious (here the player can gamble but not necessarily)

  • The trigger: the actor has a rating of >1 * and 5 *
  • Action: Actor X said that if he could a little more to improvise on the set of his performance could be better.
  • The profit/cost (risk): If you accept his performance may increase or decrease by 1 * (randomly but depending on the talent so the creator more talented the greater the likelihood that improves)

The effects of our decisions will appear in the report from the production and gossip.

Remarks and comments

Decisions that will have to take the manufacturer also will not always simple and black and white. Often, a single decision can have positive effects in one aspect but negative in another (e.g., improving relationships with one of the creators but the deterioration of another). Will also be decisions whose effects are hard to predict (i.e. they can be positive or negative) and the manufacturer must decide whether he wants to take the risk of data or not.

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