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Casting is an option that slightly facilitates the decision-making process when selecting the cast for the film by proposing creators with the best predispositions for a given role. Casting narrows the list of available creators to a dozen or so (depending on the player's level – the lower the list will be shorter) most suited to a given role. In its algorithm, casting takes into account:

  • requirements for the role (occupation, gender),
  • the type of role (actor, supporting role, episodic),
  • movie genre and creators of the parameters most important for this species,
  • the target group of the film,
  • script level

The casting algorithm also takes into account the budget available to the player, as well as additional filters applied by him. (For example, before casting, you can limit the maximum budget you want to spend on a given role and it will be included in the casting algorithm.)

The option of casting can be used any number of times without any additional costs or consequences.

Note: Casting does not provide the optimal choice for the role. They are rather related creators who have a predisposition to the check. This is to facilitate mainly for beginners to help in a number of first films and protect myself from completely numbered tiles showing the election.

More advanced players should be based on their own experience and intuition. Though perhaps for the less significant roles in the film also will build upon this option (for example, when im not going to want to spend too much time on the choice of supporting developers).

Casting is better in relatively simple species since its algorithms are optimized for one, root for a given species, the parameter. More advanced species (where it is not so easy to tell which of the three sex/violence/humor is key) may not be great for casting.

The casting also features young talents discovered by the player's scouts.

Remarks and comments

  • Having a list of people increases the Assistant returned during casting by 1.
  • The computer player also posiłkują to casting. However, this is not their main way of selection of the developers by virtue of the fact that the videos could go out too similar to each other (by default, the computer players have more randomness in their election). Only when you fail to find the creators of the normal method of posiłkują casting option.


Help > The Game > Film production > Cast, Studio and Post-production