IMDB Filmography Tool (v 2.0) allows you to retrieve filmography data from IMDB giving only link to the site of the creator from IMDB database. It streamlines the process of adding a new author in MovieStats.

Installation and commissioning

  1. Download IMDBTool (85 downloads) (about. 400kB)
  2. Unpack the archive
  3. Start applications URApiTestApp.exe

Instructions for use

  1. Enter the address of the creator from IMDB
  2. Select the creator's profession in the game
  3. Press GO!
  4. After a moment, a list of films will appear in the window
  5. Use the Copy to Clipboard to copy the data to clipboard (in the case of option Automatically copy to clipboard This action is taken automatically)
  6. Paste the contents of the clipboard in description field of newly added creator in MovieStats


Additional Options

  • Clear – clears the contents of the window filmography
  • Response – shows the original response IMDB as xml
  • Help – help page
  • Automatically Copy to Clipboard – Once you have downloaded the data from the IMDB automatically copies them to the Clipboard
  • Get – the ability to download link to the video after administration of its title and year

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