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The player with theAssistant You may sign a contract with any, of the currently available creators (an important note). The contract will be signed for a certain number of films (from 1 to 5), which you will have to shoot in a limited period (from 1 year to 10 years).

Will the creator want to sign a contract with a player (and how long the contract will last) depends both on the prestige of the player, talent and popularity of the creators but alsothe relationship of the players with the program selected. So possible situation, that the creator does not want us to sign a contract, sign only on 1 movie or even 5.

To sign a contract player will have to put the entire contract value immediately (It is a multiple of the current fee with additional percentages-sum so they will be a significant). However, from this point, during the term of the contract, the creator will always be available to the player. The player will not incur additional costs for casting the creator of which has a contract (in production window the price will be 0). Hence, as far as the popularity of creator grows (and with it, its price) the player will not be affected by this (contract has been already paid, and the creator will be available to the player for free). So this is a great investment in young, promising creators.

The contract does not endorse a specific video (for example,. the sequel to our blockbuster) but we have a general framework contract with the creator, which requires it to our, any movie (an additional advantage for the producer is, the fact that the creator in the course of the contract may not linger on his proposed role, in the absence of contract sometimes may reject the proposed him the role of).

Termination of contract can occur for the following reasons:

  • the creator has played in the specified by the contract number of the player's production
  • contract expiration date has passed
  • the creator has died or retired

Remarks and comments

I mentioned at the beginning, to sign a contract the creator must be available. This is to prevent the situation, when the player not having a contract with the creator, After the unexpected success of its movie, Decides to make its continuation. It turns out, however,, that this particular developer is not available. In this case, the player will not be able to proceed to the signing of contracts. You must do this before.

The longer the contract we sign this is a more cost-effective (in terms of one video). Interestingly the creator somewhat increase their price when they know, that player has a continuation scenario of the film in which they played ;). The most cost effective so signing a contract before the start of work on the script (the hint 😉 -of course this involves risk, that, however, our series will not be such a success which ourselves-but that's the whole charm of the game).

As, that I have a contract signed with Takashi Mike is its price when you choose the term of the contract is equal to the 0 (the creator of this is also specifically highlighted in the list of creators).

The most cost effective is signing contracts with relatively little popular creators. Then not only the price of long-term contracts are the smallest but also most we gain when the popularity of developers grows.

In the editing 2018 the computer players do not use signing options contracts.

Contracts do not apply in the case of a function Executive producer. The player will not be able to use the developers under contract, When fully on this feature.

Possession of contract has one more, the added advantage of. Well, during the production of the film could happen such situations, We will have the option to release a creator because of its weak performance (see. Event in the course of production and the decisions of the manufacturer). This option will be available only if we have someone, who can replace your scabbard in a particular role. That is,. If we wanted to release the Director then we need to have a contract signed with a different Director.

Help > The Game > Film production > Cast, Studio & post production


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