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The scenario market is a place where the player can browse and buy ready-made scenarios. This option can be useful when

  • the player for some reason must start the production of the film as soon as possible
  • the player does not have the resources to independently create his own scenario
  • the player is not able to create a scenario from a given genre (there is no unlocked or amateur level game)
  • wants to buy the script for a cult film (and then produce it)

The number of scenarios available for purchase depends on the number of players participating in the game. A given scenario stays on the market only for a certain period of time, when no one buys it disappears from the market and a new one appears in its place.

On the market of scenarios there are also scenarios created by players (both human and computer) that a given player has decided to sell. There you can also find a specially marked script of cult films (cult films are films based on real data from the IMDB portal).

The scenario bought on the market can be sold, but the resale price will be lower than the purchase price.

A player who bought a scenario but found that it does not quite fit his concept can make minor corrections to it. More about this element of the game in scenario fixes.

Note there is a random scenario leak event in the game. The leak causes a copy of the player's scenario to appear on the scenario market and anyone can buy it (you have the original scenario, however, you do not lose it)

Scripts for cult films may require bidding (if there are more takers). The bidding is won by the one who offers the largest amount for the scenario.

Help > The Game -> Scripts

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