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Using ScoutingUh, you can search for young talent. When a new talent is on the talent list, you will be given the option to create a star, including several possibilities for its creation. Of course, the creative part may require an investment in the form of cash and time during which the creator will not be available.

From whom it will be possible to make a star

The only professions that can become stars are

  • actor
  • director
  • the operator
  • the composer

In addition, they may not be involved in any production. What's more, the creator must be on the talent list (i.e. he was recruited by our scout) or we have signed a contract with him.

In the Scouting window, there is a Create Star key at the bottom. As you can see, the creator who is a celebrity by profession is grayed out and you can not create a star out of him.

What will we be able to do as part of creating a star

The following options will be available:

  • giving an artistic pseudonym
  • sending to training/course
  • gender change
  • plastic surgery
List of options (not full) in Create Star

Giving an artistic pseudonym

Many creators do not appear under their real name. Most often this is due to its not very media form (difficult to remember). Therefore, the player will have the opportunity to give the creator a new name and surname by which the person will be known from a given moment.

Out of curiosities, if the player leaves his name blank (he does not enter any proposal), the creator will get a new name proposed by the game where the name and surname begins with the same letter.

Sending to a training/course 

The player has the opportunity to send a given creator to various trainings / courses that will positively affect the parameters of the creator in a given field and so it can be:

  • postgraduate school (talent)
  • auto promotion and pr (popularity)
  • drama course
  • stand-up school (humor)
  • stylist (sexappeal)
  • action training
  • plastic surgery (sexappeal + photo)

Courses can be of different intensity (for now provides 3 and 6 months). The longer the course, the more the creator's parameter will increase after its completion. During the course, the character will not be available (it will not be possible to use it to produce films).

When it comes to the increase in parameters, when the creator starts from a low level, he easily acquires new skills, but after reaching a certain ceiling, developing new skills is more difficult (courses are less effective).

And so sending a creator with a humor parameter of 50 points a 6-month stand-up course increases it to 56 points. However, if he had 75 points, the profit from such a rate will be only 3 points (i.e. ultimately 78).

In addition, after obtaining a certain level (depending on the parameter, it may be 80-90), sending to subsequent trainings will not have further positive effects in the form of increasing the parameter (it will remain unchanged).

The effect of sending to postgraduate school.

Gender change

The last option that the player can use in creating his star is the ability to change the gender of the creator. Such a transgression lasts 12 months and after its completion, the player can give the creator a new name.

Similar options in addition to talents will be available to creators during their careers, but only if the player has them with them contract.

Plastic surgery

The creator can also undergo plastic surgery. This will drastically change its appearance (the creator will receive a completely different photo). Depending on the success of the operation, the creator may gain, but also lose (in case of failure) sexappeal points.


  • Creating a star consumes time and cash
  • The creator is not available when he is in training


> Help > Scouting

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