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Why, despite registering in MovieStats, my films are not exported after the game?

Po pierwsze aby profil mógł być eksportowany musisz mieć założone konto w serwisie MovieStats. Jeżeli masz tam konto i jest ono aktywne Twój profil oraz filmy powinny być eksportowane automatycznie po zakończeniu gry.

Is it possible to produce several movies at the same time?

Yes, If you invest in additional studio. Each additional studio is a chance to make one more movie. Więcej informacji znajdziesz w Inwestycjach.

Are title of the movies affects its' profits / film scores?

No, movie titles only affect the players mood.

When you create a scenario, you can not select some of the available film genres. There is no such as. sci-fi. Is this a bug in the game?

No, This is not a bug. At the beginning of the game you can write only a few basic types of genres, the rest must be earned, gaining experience (through the production of good films, winning festivals, etc.). The exception is the quick game mode where you have immediate access to all of all species in the game. Dodatkowo na poziomie Amator masz dostęp tylko do podstawowych gatunków.

Adding your film to a festival, and when it comes time awards, even my film is not even in the nominations?

Apparently the film was too weak for it to receive a nomination. Fact, that the film was submitted to festival is not enough, to get even a nomination. To the festival you can report any movie (even with a one-star rating * ). In addition, Various festivals have different criteria for awarding prizes (that is the reason why few of them is available) promujące filmy innych typów.

When the option is load / saved games (Save/Load) in MB2

It's already available... from version 0.8.5 🙂

Could you add a festival X?

Generally, there are already all the festivals which was planned to be included in the final version. I see no reason to introduce additional, because it would make a big impact on the game. It would however lead to a situation, when one film wins most awards, or opposite, virtually every movie gets an award. Awards would lost its uniqueness.

How to add new artists?

and) You can submit your own proposals of artists using service MovieStats.

b) With MB2 Editor you can create your own sets (unless for personal use, that you want to share them with other players then please contact me).

Will there be a feature releasing movies on DVD?

At the moment, every film entering the theater has its own version of the DVD / Blu-Ray. And this is the standard. So the gain, that you have from film includes the gain from the sale of different media. Nie widzę potrzeby wprowadzania oddzielnej opcji.

When full version of MB2 will be released?

The short answer: I do not know!


  • BF2 is a project, I create as I have the time and inclination. If any of these conditions are not met the game waiting for “better days”,
  • A list of options the game is not yet fixed to the end, there are still new ideas which come to me, or get inspiration from your – the game is still being developed,
  • do not want to set myself any strict deadlines (besides writing MB2 I have other , more important, things to do) – deadliny render, that faced by shoddy,
  • This is a Freeware game, nothing and no one forced me to do to get it write, therefore, the final shape may vary with time, while I have time, willingness, new ideas game will be developed, release “full version” mean the end of fun with MB2.

Why computer player can produce new films, despite the lack of cash?

In real life there is no such thing as a equal chances… w tym elemencie gra jest bardzo realistyczna 😉

Will there be new genres?

There are 23 genres in the game. I do not see the need to add new. If you do not see all of these genres that means: you play at easy level, or you spent too little time playing the game (na wyższych poziomach odblokowujesz dodatkowe gatunku zdobywając punkty prestiżu). Weź pod uwagę że w grze dostępne są również podgatunki. Ich nie możesz wybrać ale ustawiane są na podstawie Twoich innych wyborów (the basic parameters of the scenario, number and kind of the creators).

If MB3 will be created?

Even if, someone else would have to write it.

How can I help in creation of the Movie Business 2?

Even if you can not program you are able to help in creation of the game. Here are suggestions:

  • add new artists using MovieStats
  • send your proposal for cult characters
  • suggest your own texts for review
  • if you think, that some photos of creators are not good enough then send the better version, and maybe some pictures are missing then you can also send your own suggestions
  • when you find a bug please send me information about it (with the details of how it happened and what were the symptoms)
  • any comments and ideas about the algorithms are welcome (but be aware, that certainly not all them will be implemented)
  • and last but not least, – advertising, share information about the game among friends, and more generally, e.g.. pages / forums / discussion groups / blogs about the tycoon games / strategy or film portals or with a similar subject

What about serials?

This is a game Movie Business… no TV. They are two different worlds, which are governed by other rules. At first glance, it may seem, it's very related topics, However, the rules and algorithms developed in Business Film does nothing to the laws that govern the world of television ... Episodes, licenses, quite other stars (only recently known movie stars began to appear in TV series), different popularity and reach, specificity of production etc… those are characteristic elements of the world of television.

World of series would require a completely different algorithms and additional parameters. I do not foresee their implementation in the second part of MB.

What about mobile version

In the near future is not planned. More on this topic can be found in that entry

Will there be a version for MAC?

In the near future there are no such plans.

The game is too difficult

No, not. I suggest you read the text: Movie Business for Beginners

Could we play the game without limitation of years?

Several players have asked about the possibility of lack of time constraints, the length of the game. The problem with such “game extensions” consistency is… Unfortunately, the game would not behave in accordance with the initial assumptions.

No time limits, will affect not only realism (namely the lack of one: actors over 100 years, or to work with computer generated creators, because the rest would have died / retired) but also in their stats (part of the parameters changes in time e.g.: sexappeal and action, steadily diminishing) but also on economic behavior (the game has not been tested for such long periods of time and just mechanisms it can not withstand such challenges, which may result in a completely irrational behavior).

In the end, the players would have a very huge budgets, and this would result in productions, where each would select the most expensive / best artists and make a lot of advertisement which would result in a lot of advertising (in many cases) increasingly larger profits, which wouldn't do anything special. Where's the fun?

Other problems are technical limitations. One of the simplest examples is e.g.. turning the parameters and / or the accounts on negative… A brief explanation of all the data is stored in the memory for a specified number of bytes. When the value exceeds the maximum value provided by the structure, the counter is twisting ... (to a negative value) secure games for all such possibilities, At this stage,, is out of the question ... (Such situations have occurred in the first game and therefore it was necessary to introduce, so criticized by many players ,wealth tax in the amount of 50% of player cash).

These are just examples of lack of consistency and other problems in the case of artificial lengthening production. So rather not count on such a modification…

Note for donors from version 0.9.0 She appeared Game+ that is, the possibility of extending the time of the game with some restrictions.

How can I check whether the actor is in the base of the Film Business?

Use the search engine on MovieStats under this address. Just enter the name fragment (to minimize the possibility of making a typo).

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