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If a film by a human controlled player is nominated for an award at a festival, they will be invited to the festival gala. The gala is a more spectacular (and with a bit more tension) presentation of films nominated and awarded at the festival. It is a purely visual element, but I think it will positively influence your feelings related to the undoubted distinction which is winning a nomination or award at a festival.

Nominations for the Oscars in the Best Cinematography category. In the case of technical people (director, cinematographer or composer), the game does not use photos of real artists, but such authors are represented by the covers of their most famous productions.

If a player does not get any nomination for the Festival, it will not receive invitations to the Gala, however, still will be able to see the final result of the Festival presented in current form. (This time it will not be optional – as before – a summary of the Festival will always be presented for players).


Help > The Game > Festivals


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