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If the video of one of the human-controlled players will receive nomination for awards at a Festival, it will be invited to a Gala Festival. The Gala is more spectacular (and with a bit more voltage) presentation of the films nominated and awarded at the Festival. This is a purely visual but I think that positively affect Your sensations associated with the unmistakable distinction of winning the nominations or awards at a Festival.

Nominations for the Oscars in the category for best cinematography. A game for people (Director, operator or composer) does not use the photos from actual developers but developers such represent cover their most famous production.

If a player does not get any nomination for the Festival, it will not receive invitations to the Gala, however, still will be able to see the final result of the Festival presented in current form. (This time it will not be optional – as before – a summary of the Festival will always be presented for players).


Help > The Game > Festivals


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