Known at the net as Tomiga.

Fan of movies, in his spare time he likes to programming, author of Movie Business games and several other, smaller, not commercial projects .
Prefer to create than to consume, since purchase PS3, a lover of play on consoles. Fan of gadgets.

A few words from the author

I have graduated Computer Science studies a some time ago, I'm currently working in international corporation in the telecommunications area. In my spare time, I have a fun with the programming, watching movies, play with Playstation 3, I meet up with friends, I play soccer, travel and “do the photos” (pl. fotki). Since some time I am also Blogging, where I write about the movies, travels, technologies and other more or less relevant to me topics.

Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy)

The Movie Business is a real indie game. Created by one person, in my spare time,, because it gives me a lot of joy. It allows me to combine two passions for the cinema and programming which gives some real output for others. The game will be developed as long as I had the time and it will enjoy me. If you like the project and would like somehow to help me see the section MB2 FAQ.

More information and contact


You can find more about my other non-commercial projects at links (category Tomiga).

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