Creators set update

The default creator set is updated automatically using the database data stored in MovieStats.

What should I do to receive an update? Just run the game in a mode that uses the default set of creators (that is, practically every one ;). At this point, if an update is detected, the game should inform you about its availability and download new data. If the process succeeds, you will receive basic statistical information, along with the version to which the set was updated. You'll also be able to see which creators have been added/modified.

To all those who reported the creators but they were rejected for some reason.

I remind you that creators should have at least one photo (main). In addition, the photograph should have the appropriate proportions (be well scaled). Otherwise, the proposal will be rejected. Also, remember that even if your creator was rejected you can edit it later and correct what was wrongly done.

For detailed information about how to add your own suggestions of creators you will find here.

NOTE: If you get any errors during the update process, please let me know so, along with as many details as possible. I will look into what is wrong and how to solve the problem.

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