From here you can download programs, assemblies and other files related to the game.

Program files

Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) 2

 the latest version of the second part of the game you can download from here






Editor for BF2 (only Polish version) the latest version you can download from here


The final version, the first part of the Movie Business (only Polish version):

bfmainscreen[download id=”2″] (2002-12-01) (2MB)

The final version of the first part of the Movie Business . (The project is no longer being developed.)



Movie Business for DOS: [download id=”3″]  (1999-04-17) (100kB)

The final version of the game for DOS. Has a much smaller requirements (should go on each PC-store up to a total of 386), and the game is as pleasant (sometimes even nicer, because it requires more imagination. :). Besides, provides comprehensive documentation, Tips, Editor for actors and directors…


MB2: BaseSet: [download id=”8″] v1.0 (2012-11-04) (15MB)

Basic set of creatirs that could serve as a base for further editing and expansion for players. Contains 1533 creators , all, available in BF2, professions. The set can be used in game mode next to. The editing is done by BF2 Editor.

After downloading the file unpack the zip archive. Then install set through the game.

MB1: BodzioL: [download id=”5″] (2011-07-31) (3MB)

Set created by BodzioL to the first part of the Movie Business. Contains 650 actors and 221 Directors along with pictures.


MB1 Documentation (in Polish): [download id=”4″] (2001-10-13) (3MB)

Documentation for the first part of the game in pdf format.

“Autograph” author in Korean: [download id=”6″]

'Autograf’ the creators of BF in Korean. Created by Andzika (What a huge thank you).

Tomiga po koreańsku
Tomiga in Korean



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