Download Editor MB2

Version: (v0.4.0) from 2012-11-04

From this page you can download the latest version of the game editor to Movie Business 2 and a base set of developers (BaseSet), which you can use to create their own sets. Here you will find the instructions on how to create your own set, and you will learn where to look for information on the correct parameter setting makers.


  • Windows, on which you can install the .NET Framework library 3.5
  • Screen resolution of at least 800×600
  • About. 4MB on disk
  • Administrator privileges needed to install
  • Installed Movie Business 2 game at least in version 0.7.6

Where to download .NET 3.5

Windows 7 already has the necessary libraries to run the game. For older systems, installer should inform you of their absence and redirect to the appropriate page, where you will be able to download them. If you do not know which version of. NET Framework you have to check it with the guidance contained in This entry on the forum.

In case of any problems. NET Framework can be found directly on the Microsoft at this address.

Before installing

If you have an older version of the editor, before installing a new one, You must uninstall it!

Download Editor MB2

Basic information about a file:

  • Version: 0.4.0
  • Date: 2012-11-04
  • Status: Final
  • Size: about. 2 MB

File to download: BF2EdytorSetup (972 downloads) (about. 2MB).

The installation process

Since the installer is in English, here's a little help what to choose in order to properly install the program.

  • in the window with the information, to be able to proceed with the installation, Select I have read it, understand it, and agree to it which means that you have read, understood and agree to the license terms and conditions

Basic set (BaseSet)

Since the creation of the set from scratch is a time-consuming task I decided to make you a set of BaseSet, which can be a base for you to create your own. It contains 1533 creators .

Basic information about a file:

  • Version: 1.0
  • Date: 2012-11-04
  • Size: about. 22 MB

File to download: BaseSet (7 downloads) (about. 22MB).

How to create your own set of

  1. Download and install the BF2 editor
  2. Download the file from a set of basic BaseSet
  3. Start the editor
  4. Install the BaseSet (option Install)
  5. Select from the list of installed kit (baseset), and then select New from…
  6. Enter a new name for the set and other basic information to newly set
  7. After a few moments of your new set, based on a set of BaseSet, will be created, Now you can add your own developers

Sets created with the editor can be used only in – the party game mode.

Tips for adding artists

For you created a set of algorithms work well in the game, it is useful to follow a few rules in the process of setting the parameters of artists. Detailed guidance on how to properly add new artists , you will find in the entry, on my private blog: “How do I add artists to the Movie Business“.

In case of problems

If you run into any other problem, whose solution is not forum, You can write to me directly at the address

If you liked the Movie Business…

and want to express your gratitude, recognition or simply motivate the author to further work, and by the way, get a bunch of bonuses in the game, check the subpage Donation.

Pages related to the project

Official site of the game
MovieStats – service with online statistics of players
Official Forum (Polish only)

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