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Who is the Executive producer? It is a person, which oversees the making of the film. In the case of the Movie Business this means, the player in the role of executive producer receives from the top of the defined scenario and a designated budget and within the framework of these restrictions is to create a video (select cast and studio). Important thing is that player does not invest in this project his own cash, and it is given by the appropriate producer. Of course, most of the profit from the production ends up in the hands of the sponsor. In that case, an executive producer gets? A small percentage of profit but only when, When the film will receive a rate of return of more than 100%. So only percent above 100%, is profit for executive producer.

The role of Executive Producer enables you to:

  1. Safe experimentation. The player does not put his cash, so you can choose the cast quite freely without worrying about the loss of your precious funds if you make a mistake.
  2. Easier to analyze the impact of the individual properties of the film. A limited number of parameters for which player has an impact makes it easy to analyze the impact of the decisions made by the player. Script, target group (target), as well as the budget for its production and advertising it is imposed from the outside. (The player has no effect on the ad campaign but must be aware of its existence and size of the funds for the intended).
  3. This is an additional source of income. The player, in addition to their production can wait to offer executive producer. If he succeed for this role (produced by him films will bring profits) in addition to the experience gained on the experiments will be able to earn some cash (whether it would be big amount depends on the profits).

Offer the role of executive producer will appear randomly from time to time (quite often) but at any given time, as executive producer, you will be able to produce only one film. So you can e.g.. do not start the game from the production of your own film but first earn a bit on the productions in the role of executive producer.

Profit from the movie as Executive producer will be earned only after reaching 100% return. and its height, expressed as a percentage, will depend on the level of the player (the easier the more) but also the target audience of the film (the biggest gains will love with artistic production – because that's where the most difficult to generate profits) and the level of scenario (the lower the greater the challenge).

Remarks and comments

  • The interesting, deals for the executive producers will be made by computer players ... and they will take the main profit from this production. Just not to sabotage (that is biased to choose evil creators for such productions to do not bring profits) a movie budget they will receive from sponsors (that is also not risking your cash). So always on this movie will (even if they do not return invested cash 100%). So it is in the interest of the player that, When you decide to accept the offer, use it as the best.
  • Despite the lack of impact on advertising campaign, from the point of view of executive producer, it is important information about the budget for advertising. This way you can see whether the player can afford for better special effects (studio/postproduction) and more famous names or due to weak advertising better limit the necessary expenditure to a minimum.
  • The type of offers received by the player will depend on its level of difficulty. The easier the better (less demanding) scenarios will be offered to the player.
  • It is not always use the full budget for the production of. Maybe you might want to spend less, the less you have to earn.
  • The mechanics of this although quite simple introduces so many additional ways strategy used by the player.


> Help > The Game > The end of the round > Offers

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