Analysis of films

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The player with the Assistant, you will get a new option available: Analysis of the film.

With this option, you will be able to obtain additional information why the production has not met his expectations. It might be too confusing rating or financial flap that at first glance, should not be.

This option will be used in three different ways:

  • from time to time, your assistant will do an analysis of your random films (it will be shown in a similar way as hints),
  • in assistant menu, next to contracts, appears Film Analyses option (also random)
  • in the windows About Films, you will be able to independently analyze any of your movies by selecting option from the context menu (right mouse button)

Moreover, analysis of the film can bring different results depending on the phase of the life cycle of the production. And so there will be three such phases:

  • time of film production
  • the moment from premiere when the film is profitable
  • moment after the premiere of the movie when it no longer brings further profits (that is, we already know his ultimate profit – we know so if asked or not)

Of course, the most advanced analysis will be in the last phase. Analysis of the film is primarily designed to explain to you the extreme cases. Ie situations when the movie received less than 3 stars, not bring profit despite the good review or on the contrary, when he brought profits despite, that critics reviewed it did not indicated. So if you try to analyze movies, which had good score and have brought huge profits... probably will not get know anything interesting from such analysis ;).

I hope, that this option will help become more familiar with the ins and outs of the game and understand the mechanics and the relationship between the various elements for beginners.

Help > The Game -> About Movies