In the next version… Contracts

Possibility of signing contracts was proposed by some playes long time age, however, there was no justification for the introduction of such feature from the game mechanic point of view (It was hard to put them together with some other elements from the world of games). With the appearance of sequels some began to grieve, on the fact, that not always all creators are available, when they wanted to make the sequel of its hit. At this point, this option began to make sense, but I had to find a reasonable way of incorporation into the mechanics of the game.

And here I probably did. With the next version there will be a new option to sign a contract with choosen creator. Contracts will be subject to the following rules.

The player with the Assistant will be able to sign a contract with any, of the currently available creators (an important note). The contract will be signed for a certain number of films (from 1 to 5), which you will have to shoot in a limited period (from 1 year to 10 years).

Will the creator want to sign a contract with a player (and how long the contract will last) depends both on the prestige of the player, talent and popularity of the creators but also the relationship of the players with the program selected. It may therefore happen such situation, that the creator does not want us to sign a contract, sign only on 1 movie or even 5.

To sign a contract player will have to put the entire contract value immediately (It is a multiple of the current fee with additional percentages – so the sum will be significant). However, from this point, during the term of the contract, the creator will always be available to the player. The player will not incur additional costs for casting the creator of which has a contract (in production window the price will be 0). Hence, as far as the popularity of creator grows (and with it, its price) the player will not be affected by this (contract has been already paid, and the creator will be available to the player for free). So this is a great investment in young, promising creators.

So we do not sign a contract for a specific movie (for example,. the sequel to our blockbuster) but we have a general framework contract with the creator, which obliges it play in any of our film (an additional advantage for the producer is, the fact that the creator during the contract may not linger on the roles offered to him).

Termination of contract can occur for the following reasons:

  • the creator has played in the specified by the contract number of the player's production
  • contract expiration date has passed
  • the creator has died or retired

I mentioned at the beginning, that in order to sign the contract the creator must be available. This is to prevent the situation, when the player not having a contract with the creator, after the unexpected success of his film decided to make sequel of it but the creator is not available. In this case, the player will not be able to proceed to the signing of contracts. You must do this before.

I hope, that this option is what you expected.

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