Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) 2 for beginners

Players who was playing with Movie Business for many years and observing the changes made to the game over time by playing a lot of games already soak into its universe and well known principles and rules guiding her. Biggest fans were able to find inaccuracies or errors in logic lurking behind them (which is not simple and depends on many factors – I'm impressed).

From time to time, however, appears comments from new players, which indicates, that although MB2 is a relatively simple game, not all of the rules that prevail are clear and obvious, especially at the beginning of playing with this title.

Thus emerged a need for a, kind of, introduction to the world of Movie Business, which is the text.

Let us explain, however, immediately; This is not a guide on how to produce good films in Movie Business, but rather an attempt to present the main objectives of the game universe, which at first glance, may not be obvious, and which should be known, to produce such films which you want.

Before I get into the details, however,, some general considerations concerning the game.

Game vs reality

Right at the start I will refer to the realism of the game. Topic, which quite often is raised by beginners.

One of the most interesting definition of realism in games I've encountered was,, more or less, yes (I can not find the source whence it came, so I quote from memory).

Realism in games is removing from the reality everything that is boring.

Guided by this principle, goal of Movie Business was not too literal reproduction of the nuances of reality, but rather focus on the best mapping of the general principles governing the world of cinema and movies.

Here are some examples, which clearly shows this approach.

Euros, Pounds, Dollars…

Many players are wondering what currency operates in the game. The answer is very simple ... no specific. These are not PLN or USD even not EUR. Why ... because that anyone should bothered to compare earnings, budgets or revenues of the films with their real counterparts. You have concrete measures and turn them in the game world, which has its own rules.

Kali steal is good, Steal from Kali wrong so called double-edged realism

One of the iconic figures of Polish literature Kali from "In Desert and Wilderness" had a famous maxim that applies to this, that many people think "it is right what is good for them" (either of which receive some benefits).

The thing with with realism is, that many players demands it only selectively. When it relates to items, which are not on the player's mind, suddenly, that it is not "realism" but "bug in the game".

An example here is the artificial intelligence and computer players.

Many players ask why – computer players have more cash, and even when they do a few bad movies with large losses they can still produce movies

Dear young film producers remember a thing ...

In general, all men are created equal ... but that applies not always, not everywhere and not in everything.

In business (not only the movie business) there is no concept of equal opportunities. There is always a competition that began play, in aren which we operate, much earlier. It has greater resources, better contacts and in general, more opportunities. The basic rule of business ... do not focus on the competition ... concentrate on yourself in order to best run your own business.

Ratings of artists or how to interpret star

Star system presenting various parameters of the game is used in many places. However, the meaning of these stars is slightly different depending on the context.

The general rule is simple. The more stars the better.

While the assessment of stars in the description of the parameters of artists is quite intuitive, many more questions and doubts arise performance evaluation specific to the creators of the production and the final evaluation of films.

Why the film was evaluated for all artists 2* and as a whole has been reviewed to 1*?

The key, that is not obvious, in this case is information, the performance evaluation in a specific film makers are RELATIVE. Star rate in this case means the performance of the artist in relation to its underlying capabilities.

Thus, performance on 5* in a little-known amateur (bezzdjęciowca), translated into absolute values, could be worse than the performance 1* talented movie stars.

Hence, when the poor artists noted a sensational performance (as to their modest possibilities) This film does not have to be even good.

Why the same actor in a film got 5* and in the next one 1*? Are these random values?

Randomness is here important, the fact that the creator played great in some production does not mean, that the same level must be maintained in the next. However, because the stars are relative, absolutely mean that, that the actor played worse, compared to its standard level.

Why the game is random?

The game is not as random as it may seem at the beginning. The fact that some elements of randomness (rather fuzzy logic) is a bit but thanks it it we obtain the effect of realism and unpredictability.

If the game was based on more static algorithms, sooner or later everybody would found proven method for the production of 4 or 5* movies. It would be enough, that player (by accident) stepped out one movie, just after that (like the real producers) began to generate sequels (with the same cast), which brought to the same effect. This would lead to a situation, that after 5 parts of Rambo player would have a lot of money and would say, that… game is boring.

Another issue is the fact, that, in the case of the movie Business move within art. Art is not mathematics and can not be easily its rate or categorize, and in advance asses the ultimate effect of the produced work. Referring to, so favourite by some of players, reality, is not a rule, that the employment of the best artists always in effect gives outstanding work. Probably many times you have been on the production branded by big names, which turned out to be an average film, or perhaps even weak one. It is impossible to reproduce that with standard algorithms, a certain element of randomness gives the unpredictability.

On the other hand, such an approach causes, that do not always you have to hire best artists to receive a very good movie, and often you can be surprised by combinations of artists or genres (that can sometimes put smile on players face).

With fuzzy logic you can feel the tension at the premiere of each film. You can never be sure the end result, and it is the most intentional. Even if you do 10 good films the next one 11 may be poor (consequently yield losses) and you'll still have to fight for survival. On the other hand, sometimes you can find nice surprises, when the movie is not predictive of hope, turns out to be a great production over which melt critics and audiences rushing to the cinema.

That's the power of playing this game.

Randomness also affects the strategy. You must always be prepared for this, something you will not come out.

Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) 2 it is a game, where you do not try to produce good films, only minimizes the chance to produce a bad movies.

 Is the randomness of the game makes sense to use any strategy?

Of course, strategies are required... but they are mostly long-term strategies. Therefore, it is not worth to fall into depression, If Your video does not come out, or do not invest all your money in one production of your dreams. It may turn out, it will hatch and drown in it all your financial resources.

One of the long-term decisions, the player should take, may be a way of creation of the movies. Did you decide to commercial “movies”, that have appeal to a wide audience and provide a large audience or ambitious artistic cinema, that will compete for awards at film festivals? Do you want to make intimate independent production, or go towards flashy blockbusters.

You can go the easy way to earn money on commercial productions but then limited the ability to create more advanced scripts. So either you are not very demanding player and earn money on commercial comedies and action movies or have a soul experimenter and an artist and you're trying to create more ambitious productions, which has a chances of gaining awards at festivals. Of course, you can also freely mix the two strategies. Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) 2 offers you the possibility of making such choices.

It's a game that leads to thinking and experimenting ...

and no use of templates and ready-made solutions.


Consider what kind of movie you want to create - about genres, parameters of the script and cast

In the game you can choose from 23 genres ... and they were not created just to give a sense of the diversity ... they really are different. So when you choose the type of genre as action, and you want to make a film in the style of Pirates of the Caribbean to… not the way.

Consider carefully what kind of movie you want to create if is it action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy or maybe crime.

Each of them puts different proportion to available parameters, the amount of the expected special effects, level of scenario or even cast (the number and / or type of people involved in the project).

The genre is important

The choice of genre determines many of elements. Since depends on it whether the script has to be very good or if you need only average because the genre does not require the highest quality. Also depends on the genre various number and type of artists, as well as the quantity and quality of special effects.

Genres also can be divided into those easier and more difficult to make. Easier are comedy or action where intuitively it is known how to choose the parameters. Somewhat more difficult is to create a good romance or crime, which requires the optimization of parameters by multiple criteria.

Script parameters

The game has three basic parameters of the scenario on which player has the effect are: humor, violence and sex.

  • Humor is simply the number of funny situations and dialogues, which we anticipate in the film
  • Violence here is a little less intuitive because the parameter is responsible not only for the amount of violence in the game but also the number of action.
  • Sex It should also be obvious. The amount of nudity and sex in film. And it is about of sex and no romance, love or like higher feelings.

Other parameters of the script is the amount and type of crators and type of ending.

Script level

Script level is calculated based on these three parameters. And it is based on the expected value of each of these parameters for a given genre.

The selection of the appropriate parameters depends on the genres and what kind of movie you want to produce. In this case not always the more is better.

What about emotions / tension?

Many players wonder how to set the emotion / tension in the film ... the answer is simple ... it can not be set. Tension / emotions, which makes the film in fact dependent on the performance of individual artists. So how well made the director, actors, composer or operator materializes in the form of a thrilling final effect. It is distinguished avarege films from the outstanding productions, even with the same creators.


Sub-genre of the film is a parameter, which specifies a bit more detail what movie have you been able to create by manipulating all its parameters. It has not a big impact on the game, but adds additional flavor is rather suggestion of what you were able to produce. Furthermore, it is used during creation of reviews.

Critics and audiences

Once we have the script and go to the production of the film it is worth consider who is our target audience (target group). Do you want to make a purely commercial production, whose main purpose is to attract the greatest cinema audience and earn large amounts of cash or compete for awards at festivals creating a movie a bit more ambitious (though less popular due to lower affordability).

It is known, the tastes of the audience often differ from the critics ratings. Therefore, the elements, that draws the attention of each of these groups differ.

Hence, following situation may happen when the film 3* do not bring profits (although in theory the vast majority of such films should generate some profit). This means, you've done a decent movie but… for no one. In addition to putting on the quality of the film try to take into account also the tastes of the audience.

Note, that most of the audience gather commercial videos (generally not very demanding intellectually). Hence, the more ambitious production, the less the audience will watch it.

The level of scenario vs target group (Target)

Of course it is good to have a good script ... but it is not a necessary element to produce a good movie. Especially if we want to do more ambitious work. In this case, critics softer eye look at the script level because state, that his strangeness / otherness is a conscious intention of the artist, who wants to break the patterns and standards.

Why it is so hard to win awards

Because not everyone win awards. This is a distinction for which you need to work hard. So it is very little chance to win Oscar with your first film...

The fact of promotional costs associated with the festival should give the player to thought. Am I sure, that my film has a chance of winning a prize? Whether it is a movie made specifically for the film festival? Do not kid yourself Oscars are not getting the best films... get movies, which were clearly created taken into account preferences of academy.

So also in the Movie Business, each festival has its own preferences for nominations and subsequent awards. Therefore, it is difficult enough to make a movie, who will win a prize at each festival (although it is not impossible).

What to do if the movie does not bring profit?

Just do not breakdown, and analyze why the movie did not meet critics/audience expectation. Was it a problem with it's concept, bad choice of artists or their poor performance.

The most common reasons causing, that the film does not come out after player's mind.

Bad assumptions

you didn't completely thought about what and to whom you want to make a movie, nevertheless, that the actors played well and critics gave even 3* This film is no profitable .... Oh yes, if you've done horror with no age limits, artistic family film from 15 years or commercial gay porn with older actors... it's hard to count on crowds going to cinemas ....

Improper selection of cast

All creators had good marks, and dispate of this movie has been poorly evaluated ... maybe your cast selection was wrong (they had too low predisposition to this specific type of film or lacked of talent). Here essential is proper selection of a particular type of creators to the specific type of movie, the talent is also important and should not be completely ignored.

Poor performance of artists

you have a good script, well selected cast with good parameters and still reviews from critics are low ... read the review and see how cast have perfored in your production maybe this time their performance was below their nominal capabilities.


I already have 100 million and can do anything ... so I choose drama 7 actors, each of them are world class, the names of well-known and iconic. You choose the best director and of course, an intensive advertising campaign ... and gets a movie 3* that brings 50 million .... loss ... why?

The player starts to behave like a typical Hollywood producer, which meant having huge budget, that selecting top cast will make, that the film will bring coconuts ... but forget about the cost ... and the reasonableness of their spend.... do you really need in episodic role actor that costs 5 million ... or in drama movie studio for 20 million with post-production ... yes, you can get out of this megablockbuster ... but if the movie proves to be only average losses can be painful...

All the time I lack the cash and my movies are bad ... The game is too difficult…

The game is not as difficult as it may be seen at first. In addition to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of the universe (which means, reading this text) try:

  • think and experiment
  • analyze your movies (after the release and review)
  • if your strategy does not work ... change it
  • if one film didn't meet your expectation it still proves nothing
  • Consider what kind of effect you want to achieve and how it can done using mechanisms available in the game
  • consider the behavior of the audience and the critics
  • when choosing artists think about the script and the type of production, Do not forget at the same time about their talent
  • not always more is better
  • you do not need to hire expensive stars to make a good movie
  • not all types of films must have spectacular special effects
  • you do not always have to make a good movie to bring you profits, average (but properly targeted movies) can bring decent profits
  • Avoid extremes at the beginning of the game, if you do not have sens and adequate measures to compensate the possible failure of production. Film with only one actor, or with the maximum 7 actors, with all parameters set to the minimum or maximum value, only animes or no professional actors in the cast ... all of them are risky moves.

You really do not need to hire top Hollywood celebrities to shoot good movies. Of course, such a strategy might also have positive effects (although in the initial phase of the game, when you have limited resources, it will be quite difficult) it is not the only good approach to making movies. Nontrivial experiments also often are able to surprise. Analysis and long-term strategy of multi-criteria optimization is the key to success.

Tomiga, why you do not write directly how to make good movies!

Because I'm from the generation when the game was discovered by experiments without manual. Where it was fun to crunching game mechanics, and the games were some challenges provoking to thinking and experiments. MB is not a game in which you start, and immediately will achieve good results, it is a game that requires patience and creativity.

That's why this is a game for real fans of movies and cinema.

I hope, that this text will help beginners find their first steps in the game and make that MB will not be too frustrating in its initial phase.

Movie Business is not another, simple game in the style of these, you can find on Facebook. It has a lot of depth in, which at first glance can be missed... so try to think, experiment and not give up right away when something does not go out ... it's a game for creative and patient people… have a nice fun!.

So first of all, more information about the rules of the game you will find in the section Help page.

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