Relationships, chemistry and bonds between artists

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In the real world social relations may impact on the creation of reality. So we can find examples of creators, who are willing to work together on a number of productions. They may be directors and operators or relations between: Director-actor, Producer-Director, or a producer/director – another creator. Film business tracks such dependencies, which will establish during the game.

In the game you can distinguish the following types of dependencies.

Relationship or dependencies between the producer, and creators

Building relationships between the producer and creators involves employing them in the movies. The more the creator in your manufacturer, and their joint ventures ended in success, the better they are building relationships between them. Relationships can also be built as Executive producer (although their strength is then halved). Improve relationship if the film had a positive rating. In the case of a crease relationships break down. Force changes the relationship also depends on the performance of the creators (If the video was good but the creator played very poorly his relationship with the manufacturer can I improve slightly or not at all).

What are the benefits of relationship

  • additional bonuses in the form of the car (in the case of positive relationships)
  • impact on the negotiations in the course of production (positive or negative)
  • friend may want to experience in Your new movie (in the case of positive relationships)
  • an additional scenario from friends (bonus for good relationships)
  • the possibility of receiving the scenario of the cult movie (in the case of positive relationships)

Chemistry and bond-direct relationship between artists

By the chemistry I understand direct relationships between artists. We can distinguish the two types of:

  • The bond between the Director and the creators
  • The chemistry between the actors (and the composer and the operator)


The chemistry between the actors is increased, when they are acting in one movie at the equivalent positions (or both occurs in a leading role, or both in a supporting role) and will play on mark >3*. On the other hand, reduces the, When both of us will play <3*. (This also applies to the composer and the operator, who are treated as if they were casted in the equivalent roles).



Similarly, in the case of Director bond between him, and the creator increases when they both have more than 3* and decreases in the case < 3*.

Every flow relationships and ties

Chemistry can affect the performance of one of the actors. Improve its performance if the chemistry with his partner is positive or decrease when is negative. Of course, the likelihood of this situation depends on the value of chemistry (the larger-in absolute terms-the greater the likelihood of chemistry – effect positive, or negative). Similarly, work on the chemistry of the duo composer/operator. In the case of the Director's relationship has an effect on all members of the team.

Information about the impact of Chemistry/links on the film will be shown in the report of the production.

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