In the next version… Executive Producer

All who follow social networks (Facebook / Google ) official game profile already know that work is underway on the next version. Today it is time for the first details associated with it. The first one goes, executive producer.

The idea of executive producer appeared inspired by the comments from the author Level Design for beginners Jacek Wesołowski. It turned out that BF2 doesn't allow safe experimentation. Failed decisions at the beginning of the game will result in a rapid defeat and discouragement among beginners. Remedy for it to be introduced recently short films ... They are cheaper to produce what in practice means to take less risk. Unfortunately, it seems that this idea was ultimately not good enough in practice.

The second problem indicated by Jack was too much freedom left to the player (sic!). Film Business 2, contrary to appearances, is not a trivial production. It offers many elements that affect the final success of the film, which must be thought by a beginner manufacturer. At first, not knowing their effect on the final effect can not figure out what he did wrong, when the film did not come out (in addition, random factors do not facilitate analysis). So, Jacek suggested that at the outset it would be advisable to limit the player's choices to fewer items that could affect it.

After examining these two observations I came up with the idea of the features Executive Producer.

Who is the executive producer. He's the person who oversees the film making process. In the case of film business, this means that the player will receive a specific scenario and a set budget and within these limits is to create a film (make a choice of cast and studio). Importantly, the player does not invest his own cash in this project, and it is given to him by the correct manufacturer. Of course, most of the profit from production will go into the hands of this sponsor ... What does the executive producer receive then? Only a small percentage of the profit, but only when the film receives a rate of return of more than 100%. Only every percent above 100, is a plot for the executive manufacturer.

From the point of view of game mechanics, this should solve the following problems:

  1. It will allow players to experiment safely on movies. The player does not lecture his cash, so he can draw a cast quite freely without fear of losing his precious funds in case of confusion.
  2. Analyse the impact of individual film properties more easily. The limited number of parameters affected by the player facilitates the analysis of the influence of decisions made by the player. The scenario, the production target, as well as the budget for its production and advertising is given to him from the outside (it also does not affect the advertising campaign but must be aware of its existence and the size of the funds allocated to it)
  3. This is an additional source of income. The player, in addition to their production can wait for a range of executive producer. If in this role (produced by the videos will bring profits) in addition to the experience gained on the experiments will be able to earn on them (whether it be large amounts depends on the profits).

Offers will appear randomly periodically (quite often) but at any given time, as an executive producer, you will be able to produce only one video. For example, you can Do not start the game from the production of your own film only first to earn a bit on productions in the role of executive producer.

The profit from the film for the executive producer will be eligible only after reaching 100% of the return. And its height, expressed as a percentage, will depend on the level of the player (the easier the bigger) but also the target of the film (the biggest gains from artistic production – because there the hardest to generate profits) and the level of the scenario (the lower the greater the challenge).

Out of curiosities, offers for executive producers will be submitted by computer players... and they will be the ones who will reassuch the main profit from this production. In order not to be sabotaged (that is, biasedly choose bad creators so that such productions do not bring profits) is the budget of the film they receive from sponsors (that is, they also do not risk anything). After all, they will always gain from such a film (even if it does not turn 100%). It is therefore in the player's interest to make the most of it once they have decided to accept the offer.

Despite the lack of impact on the campaign, from the point of view of executive producer, important information about the budget for advertising. This way you can see whether the player can afford better special effects (studio/postproduction) and more familiar names but due to weak advertising better limit the necessary expenditure to a minimum.

The type of offers received by the player will depend on its level of difficulty. The easier the better (less demanding) scenarios will be offered to the player.

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