New chapters of help to the game

Work on the next version of the game are going pretty smoothly. Last informed You in advance of your expected functionality Executive Producer. Information about the next news will appear after the new year. However, you do not bored by Christmas I have for you a few new chapters help to BF2. Perhaps not everybody is aware of the existence of aid, therefore, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the. Can some of the items in the game will become better understood and will help you contact with the title.

All texts can be found in section Help.

Of course, if you have any comments or questions to the form of help let me know about it.

Video Tutorial: Cult characters

I am pleased to present to you the first in the history of the Movie Business video tutorial to the game. It is dedicated to Cult Characters. The 10 minutes video I am telling you about what cult characters are, how to use them in your own films, and how to add new one, with the use of the site MovieStats.

As a part of extension of MovieStats the new option appeared, that allows you to add your own cult characters for a particular actor or actress. This video shows in detail how to do it.

Video is recorded with a commentary in Polish but there are also subtitles in English. In addition, all examples have been presented with the English-language version of the game and MovieStats so material will be useful for all who do not speak Polish.

This is the first such material for the Movie Business, so, let me know what you think about it. If you like it maybe in the future there will be more videos about other aspects of the game.

In addition, after watching the video, you can run the game. Yesterday's version 0.9.2 contains more than 200 cult characters added by me. So right away you can try out this mechanism in practice. The MovieStats search engine has been extended. To allows check whether a particular cult character is already in the game. I hope, you will be tempted to add also your own favorite characters.

Help: Trophies

Some players were asking about help for the game. Since writing the entire help is quite time-consuming task and is unlikely to happen in one or even a few afternoons, I decided to gradually write the chapters describing the game. So today, the first part of the help to game which describes idea of Trophies.

The individual chapters of help will appear on the page Help.

Help for begginers (and not only for them)

Friday's evening means the beginning of the weekend. Perhaps today you have more time and want something interesting to read… so I have a proposal for you. New quite long text which some of you have asked for a long time. Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) 2 for beginners This post inaugurating "help" for second part of the game. Although at the beggining it was aimed to new players who starts with MB2, I think that the experienced players also read it with interest.

The text can be found in the new section Help. I will try from time to time to extend it for a detailed description of the new functionalities available in the game.

Enjoy reading (All comments welcome, of course,).