Movie Business 2020 Update 1

It's time for the first update. It contains a fix for several errors that have already been revealed and a minor optimization of loading creators during production. Detailed information about the corrected bugs and a few trifles can be found in the version history.

As usual, you can download the game from the page Download MB2

In connection with the release of the new version, I also decided to add some threads on the forum where I ask you about:

Liczę na Waszą kreatywność 🙂

Welcome to the new Forum

New survey forum does not last too long. It is true that the opinion as to the need to have are divided into (a bit more followers) was not, however, an overwhelming advantage. Finally the creation of a new forum decided to so my thoughts. I found that would do well, however, the place where in a broader circle, you can discuss some of the issues related to the game.

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