Welcome to the new Forum

New survey forum does not last too long. It is true that the opinion as to the need to have are divided into (a bit more followers) was not, however, an overwhelming advantage. Finally the creation of a new forum decided to so my thoughts. I found that would do well, however, the place where in a broader circle, you can discuss some of the issues related to the game.

What's more, in contrast to the old forum this time the default language used on it will be English so that players from outside of my home country have the opportunity to share their opinion on the project.

However, if every day you are Polish language and do not feel ready to write in a foreign language for you or question you move is so complicated, that it would be difficult to express it in a different language, you can use the Polish language. You should only add the title prefix [PL].

The current forum was divided into several categories. Is their a bit less than on the old forum because I think they were there a bit too detailed. The structure, however, is not finally closed and if you find that you will need to enter some new categories or sub-for it can be done.

The forum has already the first topics that have recently appeared in discussions with you through other channels.For a good start I created three topics.

The new forum can be found in the main menu or directly at the following link (for Polish and English language version of the page):

I hope that the holiday season will have a bit more time and perhaps you have any new, interesting discussions about the project.

I invite you to the discussion and by the way, I wish you a peaceful and family holidays!

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