Aktualizacja twórców wersja 73

Dzisiaj kolejna aktualizacja twórców o numerze 73, w której dodano/zmodyfikowano 78 creators and 150 photos.

The largest contributors to this update are:

  • Balša Milijaš
  • WinterRabbit
  • Arek

Additionally, I updated the parameters of some creators after lively discussions on Discord 🙂

The update will take place after launching a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

After this update, the official set will contain 5400 creators.

Creator's set Update Version 72

Today, another creator's set update number 72, in which was added/modified 73 creators and 93 photos.

The largest contributors to this update are:

  • No Names
  • Levardos
  • Salem

Additionally, I updated the parameters of some creators after lively discussions on Discord 🙂

The update will take place after launching a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

After this update, the official set will contain 5359 creators.

Announcement of unavailability

For the next few weeks I will inaccessible, so if you decide to donations I will not be able to generate you a special code for donors. So I suggests holding off on such an action until I am available again.

In the next version: Make a star

Having had various discussions with players over the years, I have noticed that some of you are more interested in creating your own stars than creating films. Until now, the Movie Business has not entered these areas and focused mainly on film production. However, noticing the interest of some players in this element, I decided to add such mechanics to the game. I called this mechanic Create a Star and it allows you to invest in selected creators to improve their skills in selected areas. And here's what it's going to look like.

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In the next version: Cheat code to reduce randomness

Quite recently on Discord there was, once again, a discussion about randomness in the Movie Business. More specifically, some players have a problem with the game's overall assumptions about total randomness when it comes to judging the creators' performances in the film. I do not want to develop this topic again (as I mentioned it in the game manifesto Movie Business for Beginners), because I consider it to be the main mechanics of the game, which makes the Movie Business a unique production and has its own character.

However, I decided to give doubters the opportunity to experiment with this randomness and find out for yourself why turning off this element will negatively affect the long-term gameplay.

Well, in the 2022 Edition, donors will receive a new cheat code "I do not understand art", which will change one of the key algorithms of the game affecting randomness.

Image by Erik Stein from Pixabay

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About the 2022 Edition

With the beginning of the new year, I would like to write you a few words about this year's edition of the game, i.e. the 2022 Edition.

I must admit that for a long time I was wondering if there would be the 2022 Edition at all. Unfortunately, the shortage of time, as well as several other events that may still take place at the beginning of this year, strongly questioned the possibility of conducting major works on the game.

Ultimately, I found that the 2022 Edition will appear even if it only contains an update of cult movies and other minor elements of the game (such as reviews or motives) or minor bug fixes.

However, all indications are that a few novelties will probably appear in the game. There won't be too many of them, but they may be interesting for some players.

As usual, I would like to do the premiere before the Oscars, unless some serious random turmoil occurs. Therefore, longer texts describing the most important new functionalities should appear soon.

And for now, I wish you all the best in the New Year.

Set Update Version 70

Today another set update. Which contains 251 creators and 491 photos.

In addition to the creators you added, I made a few additional changes:

  • changing most of the names of anime (cartoon character) to the original (instead of the Polish Myszka Miki we have now oryginal Mickey Mouse)
  • normalized the parameters of Polish creators (some players pointed out to me that they have too high statistics)

The largest contributors to this update are:

  • Keith

The update will take place after launching a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

After this update, the official set will contain 5320 creators.

Let’s play Movie Business 2

As none of the famous youtubers recorded let’s play video about Movie Business I decided to make up for this huge shortcoming :). This film was made on the one hand because there was no similar video so far, and on the other hand because recently on Discord there were people who said that the game was too difficult. So I wanted to show that it is not trivial, but you can get out of all the troubles somehow :). And since life writes the best scripts, the movie from a long fragment of the game turned out to be a real thriller. I do not want to reveal too much about the plot of this production, but it does not start too well, during the game I have to face many unexpected obstacles and use many elements available in the game to get out of trouble.

The game took over 2 hours and you can find it on the official game channel.

The video is recorded in English and in the full post you will find details of what you will find in it.

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Director's cut: Summary of news in the 2021 edition

The 2021 Edition is just around the corner. According to tradition, I invite you to a detailed summary of the novelties that will be included in it. Find the text in two versions

Even if you have followed carefully all the texts about the 2021 Edition on the official site it is worth reading this text because there are a few updates and things that I have not mentioned yet.

The link to the post as usual will be added to the Director’s cut.

I invite you to read.

Director's cut: Movie Business in numbers

From the cycle Director’s cut today a post on my personal blog about the analysis of statistical data of players' movies. This is an extended version of the post that appeared on the Movie Business website, containing statistics about the players' films from the 2020 Edition. Extended, because it also contains information about the players themselves, specifically about the countries and cities they come from. If you have not read the previous post or you are interested in where other players come from, please visit Tomiga Blog for full article (English speakers will need to change their language – option in the menu on the right).


Poll: Are you using Discord

It's time for a new probe. Today, the question is short. Do you use Discord.

Are you using Discord?

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Results of the previous poll

Should the game have its own playlist with music on Spotify?

  • I don't think it's needed (42%, 18 Votes)
  • Yes, it would raise the atmosphere of the game (35%, 15 Votes)
  • I don't care I don't have Spotify anyway (12%, 5 Votes)
  • Yes but not on Spotify (12%, 5 Votes)

Voters: 43

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Regarding the previous Poll: Should the game have its own playlist on Spotify.

It seems that the option of those of you who do not see such a need has prevailed. So this is not a priority for me but I generally do not completely throw this idea, because, a lot of people would be happy to listen to something in the background during the game in the MB. However, I am interested in the details of the last option of the survey, that is, from people who would have seen such a playlist but not on Spotify. Where would you put it then?

Let me know in the comments.

Screenwriter outsourcing

One of the proposals that has been scrolling among players for many years was the opportunity to hire an external screenwriter to create a script for you. In the next edition there will be such an option, although maybe in a slightly different form than some would like.

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