In the next version: Movie Business on Linux

Thanks to the user SomeGuy on Discord it turned out that Movie Business 2 can be run on Linux!


I immediately warn you that this is not a native version, there is still one installation version of the game for Windows. However, using the latest version of the application Wine (Wine is Not an Emulator) and a few additional libraries, you can install and run Movie Business 2 on Linux computers. Personally, I tested it on Ubuntu and the program works great (although not perfectly, there are a few elements that behave a bit differently than under Windows). More information about what you need to install and what other behaviors you may encounter compared to the Windows version can be found in the dedicated help section Movie Business on Linux.

Although previous versions of the game also work, the 2023 edition is the first that was tested under this system and introduces several improvements to the operation of the game under Linux.

If there are any other problems under this operating system (or you would be able to run the game on other distributions or even under Mac) please contact me.


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