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During production of the film in addition to random events and the decision of the manufacturer, that will be taken by the player, several elements affecting the end result of the film depends on certain factors of chance. While some of them are visible to player (such as. star rating of the performance of a creator) the others are nowhere shown.

Production report of film, After its completion is available and contains in addition to the consequences of decisions taken by the player and those not visible, the elements of the, which ultimately affected the output of produced film.

The items shown in the report is the:

This report summarizes the elements that have an impact on the final shape of the (and evaluation of) the movie.

Note: It may happen, that production report will be empty (this means, that there wasn't any extracurricular, random elements that the istonie affected the final result of the film – In addition to performing artists).


Help > The Game > The film's premiere

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