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In the big (especially Hollywood) movies on the final shape of the movie very strongly influences his producer, often limiting the action Director (hence the crop of movies in versions of reżyserskich which represent true his vision). In the Film Business, the player (or the manufacturer) will have the opportunity to Denmark a certain freedom in the doings of the Director affecting the ultimate shape of the film. This is to be used to enrich the gameplay by introducing "the Director's style" which may impact on the final shape of the film.

Grant of freedom in the doings of the Director can affect the modification of the original scenario, and hence the final form of the film.

The player has access to three values a graduated scale of how much the Director may intervene in the final film.

The degree of freedom the Director may adopt one of the following values

  • none -Director cannot interfere with any movie properties,
  • partial -the Director can change the proportions of violence, sex and humor beyond the values defined in the scenario
  • full -In addition to the properties of the screenplay Director also may be affected at the end of the film and additional time to production. What's more, the film could not be subjected to censorship.

How to figure your Director will affect these parameters? It depends on his statistics. The key here is of course the talent for which there are other properties depending on the modified parameter.

  • In the case of violence and humor values in the scenario will be modified depending on the expected value of the given parameters for a particular species, having regard to the limitations of this parameter for a specific Director.
  • In the case of sex is important genre scenario and target group (target) production of.
  • Modification of the end will depend on an movie and the Director's talent.
  • Extra time for production is dependent on the Director's talent. The more talented Director, the more time will be needed to finishing touch that makes your work. Not enough talented film directors can even shorten the production time.

Note: freedom in the doings of the Director can also affect the final assessment of its work. Whether this will be and whether it will impact positive or negative is a factor dependent on the talent of the creator.

Of course there is no guarantee that modifications made by Director will impact positively on the final production. for this reason, this option is not available for players at amateur. This is for the more advanced players who like to experiment and the unpredictability of the movie Business.

> Help > The Game > Film production > Basic characteristics of the film

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