About Movies


Menu ‘About Movies’ allows you to get general and specific information about all videos produced in the game. Using filters, you can get information about videos there

  • current player
  • selected player
  • all players
  • Issued “for sale”

Additionally, you can filter videos by:

  • excerpt from the title
  • from a specific universe

Information about the videos is grouped in the following tabs:

  • General – present the most useful information about a given video
  • Balance sheet – information related to production costs/profits
  • Boxoffice – about BoxOffice
  • Rewards – information about prizes
  • Other – other information (e.g. about the scenario)
  • Charts

By double-clicking on a given title from the list, we will go to detailed information about a given production

By clicking the right mouse button we will get access to additional options of a given film:

  • Analysis of the film
  • Information
  • Review
  • Creators
  • Marketing
  • Awards and nominations
  • Script
  • Report (production)
  • Analysis
  • Submit a film to the festival
  • Sequel
  • Buy license
  • List a license for sale
  • Cancel license sales

Movie colors in the list

Font color

  • green – the film has returned (Rate of return >= 100%)
  • red – the film did not pay off (Rate of return < 100%)
  • black – film in production

Background color

  • red – the film won the Golden Raspberry
  • yellow – the film was nominated at a prestigious festival
  • golden – the film won an award at a prestigious festival
  • Gray – the film still brings profits from BoxOffice
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