Video: How to add creators to Movie Business

As a lot of questions were raised about the process of adding creators to the game. I decided to prepare a tutorial in the form of video material. This is the first material recorded in English (the poll shows that this is the preferred form) so be a nice ;). Feel free to watch. Below you will also find some additional comments.


A few additional notes and comments.

  1. 1. if you see list of countries in Polish (as on video) just click Great Britain flag in top left corner next to MovieStats text. It should help and list will refresh to countries in English language.

  2. Pardon my French… genre to bardzo trudne s艂owo 馃槈

  3. Give me a sign if you would like to see some other material on specific topic related to Movie Business game.

  4. 4. It is possible to add person without IMDB profile. Then you need to choose No IMDB link and fill all properties (including filmography) by yourself.

  5. Before you start adding the creator prepare
    a) link imdb
    b) photos with required format.

Proposals of improvements for reviews in MovieStats

In the Movie Business you will find descriptive reviews of your movies this is one of the features of the game with which I am quite proud of but mainly… with the Polish version. When I decided to create an English version of the game, there were many texts that need to be translated, that the only way to do it in a reasonable time was to use the automatic translation function. Unfortunately, the Polish language is quite complicated, and the result of such a translation leaves much to be desired. Hence, I decided to provide you with a tool that will allow you to suggest a better version of existing reviews. The tool will be available in MovieStats in the tab Reviews.

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New features in MovieStats

We already have the premiere of Movie Business edition 2019 behind us (although soon the first update is planned to fix some bugs that have already been reported to me – if you had some, let me know). This does not mean, however, that I rest from work on the project. In the end, I could take a moment to work over MovieStats. And today about two functionalities that have appeared there (some of you have already used them).

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Director's cut: A summary of what's new in edition 2019

Till the release of 2019 Edition of Movie Business there is not much time left. So it's time for a final summary of all the new features along with several author comments. As usual, the corresponding text, this year, titled What's new in edition 2019 of Movie Business 2 you will find at my personal blog. This is a summary of all post that you had the opportunity to read on the game page, but even if you followed them carefully, it's worth looking not only because there was a few additional information, but also to see images from the new version of the game.

A link to this post has, of course, been added to the section Director鈥檚 cut and now I invite you to read a long text about What's new in edition 2019 of Movie Business.

MovieStats: New statuses for the creators of the waiting room and to improve

Recently a lot of you adding your own proposals of creators with MovieStats. Although I was very happy, but there are cases when your suggestions may not be accepted. The reasons for this state of affairs are of two types: formal or technical. Hence I decided to to the current status of the creator accepted or rejected introduce two new statuses, which should somewhat clarify the reason not to accept the creator at any given time, which can, however, be accepted in the future.

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Update on the creators of 44 with a surprise for contributors

Another update set of creators just saw the light of day. It contains 86 and 508 photos (including more than 200 cult artists). The largest contributors allowed this update:

  • Bal拧a Milija拧
  • Tomas Av
  • andrew89 

Plenty of cult characters as usual was added by 艁ukasz Oleksiak.

Since the last zasypali艣cie me suggestions makers, which have not had time to review and verify any time soon you can expect the next update.

Today's update had one goal, test out new functionality in the MovieStatsthat is, that at the time of the release of new update set of creators, all contributors allowed to this version will receive an email with the information as proposed by their creators in the update. It is a kind of little thing but I hope it will remind you that your work associated with proposal makers has its tangible results.

Here one more Note If you get an email, and last not dodawali艣cie new proposals, that is, one with the added in the past by the creators had to update (may affect the data, parameters, or added photos basic or the iconic heroes played by that person).

The update will take place after launching a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

In total, the default set of games already has 2567 creators.

Director's Cut: Cult movies

On the occasion of the entry of the cult films I mentioned that in the framework of the cycle Director's Cut I'm going to describe to you could the formation of this new functionality. Because the subject is quite extensive, I decided to dedicate an entire separate entry on his personal blog. It is now available at this link also included in the section Director's Cut.

I wish you pleasant reading!

Video Tutorial: the cult of heroes

I am pleased to introduce you to the first in the history of the Movie Business video tutorial to the game. It is dedicated to Cult Characters. In the 10 minute video, I tell you about what is the cult of the hero, as their use in his own film, and how to add new, with the use of the service MovieStats.

In the context of the work on the MovieStats appeared, in fact, a new option that allows you to add your own iconic characters for a particular actor or actress. This movie shows in detail how to do it.

The video is recorded with the Polish comments but there are also subtitles in English. In addition, all examples have been presented on the English-language version of the game and MovieStats so that the material will be helpful also for all not speaking the language of Polish.

This is the first of this type of material for the movie Business, so let us know what you think about it. If you like it maybe in the future will follow movies about other aspects of the game.

In addition, after watching the video, you can run the game. Yesterday's version 0.9.2 contains more than 200 cult characters added by me. Immediately so you can try out this mechanism in practice. In MovieStats extended is also search engine. In addition to search it also allows developers to check whether a particular cult hero is back in the game. I hope that we also treat yourselves to add their favorite characters.

IMDB Tool v2.0

In the course of the intensive work on the latest versions of the game, it turned out that myAPIFilm that uses to retrieve information about the creators of the IMDB has undergone a thorough re-design. Therefore, IMDBTool has stopped working. Only now I could find some time to make the appropriate changes to the tool. So here are the new versions can be downloaded from a dedicated sub-page IMDB Tool.

I recall that IMDB tool is useful for automatic downloading filmography IMDB site creators, which is necessary when adding new developers in the MovieStats.

IMDB Filmography Tool

Together with a recently added feature to retrieve information about the creators of the IMDB, I created a little tool to help you download filmographies of the creator with the address of its profile from IMDB. I decided to share with you this small program, because it can help you a bit of life to all those who add new artists on MovieStats. In addition to the photo processing filmography completion one of the most time-consuming element of the whole process of adding a new creator.

This tool and a description of how to use it can be found on on a new subpage IMDB Tool in the download section.

Update set to release 24

Dla niekt贸rych wakacje w艂a艣nie si臋 ko艅cz膮, pogoda coraz gorsza by膰 mo偶e postanowicie wi臋c powr贸ci膰 do grania w Biznes Filmowy. Dobrym pretekstem niech b臋dzie nowa aktualizacja tw贸rc贸w o numerku 24. Dodaje ona 20 nowych tw贸rc贸w oraz uaktualnia dane niekt贸rych z nich.

Details related to procedure of the update can be found at sub-page in the FAQ section.

Moje wakacje jeszcze si臋 nie sko艅czy艂y dlatego te偶 na wi臋cej ekscytuj膮cych informacji, dotycz膮cych nast臋pnej wersji gry, oczekujcie w pa藕dzierniku鈥 (a jest na co czeka膰 馃槈

Improvements MovieStats

MovieStats a slightly more interactive homepage. In addition to the general description, there are several tables with recent events on the site.
In addition, more perceptive players will notice some minor improvements in BoxOffice and detailed information about the videos.

I have also updated the sections Screenshot where I put some pictures from MovieStats.

If you still have any suggestions for improvements to this site, do not be embarrassing to report them, maybe some of them can be introduced.

What's new in version 0.8.0

Do premiery nowej wersji Biznesu Filmowego coraz bli偶ej. Czas wi臋c na przedstawienie najwa偶niejszych zmian, kt贸re w niej znajdziecie.

Biznes Filmowy and Movie Business

Najwi臋ksz膮 nowo艣ci膮 (w kontek艣cie czasu na ni膮 po艣wi臋conego) jest to o czym ju偶 Was informowa艂em w poprzednich wpisach. Obs艂uga wielu j臋zyk贸w. Zar贸wno gra jak i serwis MovieStats b臋d膮 dost臋pne w wersji polsko- i angielskoj臋zycznej. Oficjaln膮 nazwa gry po angielsku b臋dzie Movie Business 2 (z ma艂ym podtytu艂em 鈥The Road to Hollywood鈥 馃槈

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MovieStats corrected

Last weekend's update of MovieStatas introduced some errors, unfortunately, manifested by problems with registration and export profiles and videos to the site. Quick corrective action carried out yesterday allowed to delete these bugs, so service should work correctly.

In case if you see any problems with the operation of the MovieStats please this information.

MovieStats in English

Kolejny krok w drodze do udost臋pnienia gry Biznes Filmowy 2 w wersji angoj臋zycznej zosta艂 poczyniony. Od dzisiaj serwis ze statystykami graczy MovieStats jest dost臋pny tak偶e w wersji angielskiej. Zosta艂 on przet艂umaczony w ca艂o艣ci opr贸cz trofe贸w, cel贸w kariery oraz wyzwa艅 (zostan膮 one zaktualizowane wraz z kolejn膮 wersj膮 gry).

Jak wybra膰 j臋zyk was interesuj膮cy? Obok nazwy serwisu pojawi艂y si臋 dwie flagi: polska i angielska, klikni臋cie na odpowiedni膮 z nich przeniesie Was do konkretnej wersji j臋zykowej.


Poniewa偶 cz臋艣膰 translacji zosta艂a wykonana automatycznie (Google translate) je偶eli znajdziecie jakie艣 fragmenty totalnie nie zrozumia艂e to dajcie zna膰 馃槈

Update the Assembly version 18

Umilaj膮c you time until the release of a new version of the game today, I am pleased to present the new Assembly updates about two 18. It contains 32 the creators and 80 photos. Among the artists in today's update will be the persons in charge of for these videos: Spring Breakers, The Great Gatsby, Hobbit, Three meters above the sky (Tres metros sobre el cielo), Le pass茅, Cloud AtlasIf the creators of the French neo-Baroque.

Details related to procedure of the update can be found at sub-page in the FAQ section.

Problems with registration in MovieStats

I have received signals from you that some players may have recently had problems activating their account in MovieStats. After registration, you should receive an email with an activation link. In the form of

Unfortunately, when you clicked on the link, the error on the page was in the way.

Not Found

The requested URL /activ.php was not found on this server.

Well, problems with Service as you can see, there are still so try to replace in the string on

The address in this form should be correct.

In case you still have an activation problem, please contact me. I will try to help as much as possible. The page has been corrected so that the new activations already point to the correct address. or new addresses

The last serious failures (the server aliases to Web pages) meant that access to services related to the project BF was heavily eroded. The whole situation irritated me enough that I made the decision to buy back its own domain.

Because I have a couple of non-commercial projects too expensive would be the establishment of a separate domain for each of them. Therefore, I decided to group all your "work" under one umbrella:

From today, so the official addresses of the parties associated with the film Business:

An additional benefit for you, with the new domains, no ads that pop up when I used the aliases

Although the old redirects still remaining (today, probably even work) is looking at their niedeterministyczno艣膰, I suggest to update your bookmarks and use the new, official addresses.

If You are interested in a slightly longer history I invite you to your private blog where I devoted this event full entry.

New page – Director's Cut

Because nazbiera艂o already quite a lot of long entries for the Business of Film in my personal blog, I decided to put direct links to them, also on the official website of the BFa. I think that every fan will find there a lot of interesting information about the game, as well as interesting information about the process of its formation. So here's a welcome today a new section in the menu About the Game, entitled, Director's Cut. Feel free to check.

Update set BF2 to version 15

Today, another update marked with the number 15 appeared. It contains 23 creators and 36 photos, added by you, which have passed the moderation stage positively. For the record, i described the detailed process of adding my own creators in This place.

What should I do to get the update? Simply that you activate game mode that uses a default set of developers (that is, virtually every;). At this point, the game should inform you about the availability of Assembly updates and download new data. If the process is successful, you will receive the basic statistical information, along with the version to which the set has been updated. You can also see who the creators were added/modified.

To all those who reported the creators but they were rejected for some reason.

I remind you that the creators should have a minimum master photo. In addition, the photograph should have the appropriate proportions (be well scaled). Otherwise, it will be rejected. Also remember that even if your creator was rejected you can edit it later and correct what was badly done.

NOTE: If you encounter any errors, please inform them, along with the most details. We will wonder what is wrong and how to solve the problem.

How do I add artists to the Movie Business

This time, on my private blog, I've put quite a long and detailed text that describes how to add your own suggestions to the developers of the movie Business 2. I have tried to describe every aspect and a parameter that you have to give. Although the text is based on the online editor in MovieStats the information contained therein are quite detailed and also will be useful when you want to create your own set using the BF2 Editor.

The full entry you will find here.

No activation e-mail to MovieStats

In the context of recent statistical analysis and the puzzles of a large number of people who do not aktywowa艂y your account MovieStats Despite registering, I received information from KlimkaJrthat it has not reached an email with an activation link.

It looks like that could happen this (unfortunately I do not know and probably hard for me to find the source of the problem), when despite the registration mail to You does not arrive.

Here's what you should do, if within 24 hours of registration, do not receive the message:

and if by chance he cannot) check the SPAM folder

Most of today's service providers offering mailboxes have spam filters that suspicious mails classified as spam. These algorithms work differently and sometimes not always effectively. Therefore, log in via a Web page (e.g., to your account and check whether mail from MovieStats not landed in the SPAM.

(b)) if the email is not in your spam folder, send me a request to send You the activation link to the address giving on the occasion of your login (profile name)

I hope that this problem does not appear too often.