What's new in version 0.8.0

The release of the new version of Movie Business is coming. It is high time to present the most important changes, You will find there.

Biznes Filmowy and Movie Business

The biggest news (in terms of time spent on it) it is what you already know from previous posts. Support for multiple languages. Both the game and MovieStats service will be available in Polish- and English language. The official name of the game in English will be Movie Business 2 (with a small subtitle "The Road to Hollywoodโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Algorithms and balance of the game

Currently, on this page you can find poll, in which I ask you, of feelings about the degree of difficulty in the game. So far, the results indicate, that more players believes , that the game is more difficult than easier. Although the results achieved by you in MovieStats shows something different nevertheless I decided to work a bit on the balance of certain elements of the game.

The effect will be to reduce somewhat the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and slightly increase its prices.

With the statistics of MovieStats I was able to detect, that some of the trophies was never unlocked by any player. It looks like, they are a bit too difficult. Therefore, part of the terms of trophies has been modified.

Similar modifications was made to some of the challenges, but here I was trying to work on their balance then simplification.

Reset statistics and movies

All these operations affect the algorithms and make that, will be no sense to compare the results from previous versions. This means, that prior to the publication of a new version of all statistics will be reset.

Additionally all of unused accounts (so those, which have not been activated by the players) will be removed.

Other profiles will be automatically converted to the latest version when you start the game.

Other changes

Among other notable changes worth mentioning I modify the rules of borrowing money to other players in the party-game mode (will be more restrictive).

In addition , in the game, fixed some bugs and, as usual, added new and improved existing, texts used to generate reviews.

Just before the release will be prepar a small update of creators.

So that are the most important changes ... now the only thing remains for me to perform final testing, and for you wait for the official release.

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