MovieStats corrected

Last weekend's update of MovieStatas unfortunately introduced some bugs manifested by problems with the registration and exporting profiles and movies to the service. Quick corrective action carried out yesterday allowed to remove this vulnerability so service should work properly now.

In case you see any problems with the MovieStats please send me such info.

MovieStats in English

The next step on the way to make Movie Business 2 available in English version has been made. From today, service with players' statistics MovieStats is also available in English. It has been translated entirely apart from trophies, career goals and challenges (they will be updated with the next version of the game).

How to choose the language you prefer? Next to the service name two flages appeared: Polish and English, clicking on the appropriate one will take you to a particular version.


As part of the translation is done automatically (Google translate) jeżeli znajdziecie jakieś fragmenty totalnie nie zrozumiałe to dajcie znać 😉

Problems with registration in MovieStats

I have received from you the signals, that some players may have had problems recently with the account in the MovieStats. After registration, you should receive an email with an activation link. In the form of

Unfortunately, after you click on the link pojawał I get an error on the site.

Not Found

The requested URL/activ.php was not found on this server.

Well, problems with Service as you can see, there are still so try to replace in the string on

The address in this form should be correct.

If you still have a problem with activation, please contact. I'll try to help as much as possible. The site has been improved to new activations were already on the correct address.

New page – Director's Cut

Because nazbierało already quite a lot of long entries for the Business of Film in my personal blog, I decided to put direct links to them, also on the official website of the BFA. I think, that every fan will find there a lot of interesting information about the game, and curiosities of the process of its formation. So here today to welcome a new section in the menu Game, entitled, Director's Cut. Feel free to check.