Director's cut: Movie Business in numbers

From the cycle Director’s cut today a post on my personal blog about the analysis of statistical data of players' movies. This is an extended version of the post that appeared on the Movie Business website, containing statistics about the players' films from the 2020 Edition. Extended, because it also contains information about the players themselves, specifically about the countries and cities they come from. If you have not read the previous post or you are interested in where other players come from, please visit Tomiga Blog for full article (English speakers will need to change their language – option in the menu on the right).


MovieStats: New statuses for the creators of the waiting room and to improve

Recently a lot of you adding your own proposals of creators with MovieStats. Although I was very happy, but there are cases when your suggestions may not be accepted. The reasons for this state of affairs are of two types: formal or technical. Hence I decided to to the current status of the creator accepted or rejected introduce two new statuses, which should somewhat clarify the reason not to accept the creator at any given time, which can, however, be accepted in the future.

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MovieStats corrected

Last weekend's update of MovieStatas introduced some errors, unfortunately, manifested by problems with registration and export profiles and videos to the site. Quick corrective action carried out yesterday allowed to delete these bugs, so service should work correctly.

In case if you see any problems with the operation of the MovieStats please this information.

MovieStats in English

Kolejny krok w drodze do udostępnienia gry Biznes Filmowy 2 w wersji angojęzycznej został poczyniony. Od dzisiaj serwis ze statystykami graczy MovieStats jest dostępny także w wersji angielskiej. Został on przetłumaczony w całości oprócz trofeów, celów kariery oraz wyzwań (zostaną one zaktualizowane wraz z kolejną wersją gry).

Jak wybrać język was interesujący? Obok nazwy serwisu pojawiły się dwie flagi: polska i angielska, kliknięcie na odpowiednią z nich przeniesie Was do konkretnej wersji językowej.


Ponieważ część translacji została wykonana automatycznie (Google translate) jeżeli znajdziecie jakieś fragmenty totalnie nie zrozumiałe to dajcie znać 😉

Problems with registration in MovieStats

I have received signals from you that some players may have recently had problems activating their account in MovieStats. After registration, you should receive an email with an activation link. In the form of

Unfortunately, when you clicked on the link, the error on the page was in the way.

Not Found

The requested URL /activ.php was not found on this server.

Well, problems with Service as you can see, there are still so try to replace in the string on

The address in this form should be correct.

In case you still have an activation problem, please contact me. I will try to help as much as possible. The page has been corrected so that the new activations already point to the correct address.

New page – Director's Cut

Because nazbierało already quite a lot of long entries for the Business of Film in my personal blog, I decided to put direct links to them, also on the official website of the BFa. I think that every fan will find there a lot of interesting information about the game, as well as interesting information about the process of its formation. So here's a welcome today a new section in the menu About the Game, entitled, Director's Cut. Feel free to check.