Cheat Codes

I think it is high time to end the current poll related to cheat codes in the second part of the game.

There were 198 votes. Wherein 116 people would like to have that option, 73 not, and 9 abstentions. By the way, broadening my knowledge in the field of game design, my approach to cheat codes recently it evolved somewhat ... because it turns out, it is not always about cheating ... Just do not all want / can afford the long time for playing games, and sometimes they want to shoot a few stress-free films with well-known artists, which probably reflects well on the game itself ... that no additional motivation (in the form of challenges or other "tricks") you like just to play...

Immediately reassure those who did not like such option, that cheat codes nie będą dostępne we wszystkich trybach gry, only those, gdzie nie będą one zaburzały zdobywania osiągnięć oraz innych celów rozgrywki (jak w trybie kariery czy w wyzwaniach).

Tak więc oficjalnie potwierdzam, that cheat codes pojawią się w kolejnej wersji… but there is nothing for free if you wanted to have such option that I have a task for you ... or even two.

The first question is what kind of cheat you would gladly see in the game. My guess is, that necessarily it has to be an increase of available cash. Ale może macie jakieś inne propozycje… np. słyszałem, that some people do not like animes and may want to turn them off? Let me know what else can possibly be put under general understood cheat codes / easter eggs 😉

The second task is related to the first it is slogan, które te kody miałyby aktywować… zamiast pisać np $100000000 You can use a famous quote from the movie like "Show me the money” który wykrzykiwał Cuba Gooding, Jr w filmie Jerry Maguire

And if you do not take advantage of the opportunity to give some own ideas ... well… you will be one to blame…


Poll: Do the cheat codes should appear in MB2

I am not fan of cheating in games. I expressed my opinion on this topic in this text placed in Director's Cut when I discovered, that some players trying to cheat in Movie Business game.. Recently, however, I looked at the problem from a different perspective. Thus because reading the first chapters of a book on Level Designowi which I mentioned You on the occasion of the crawfounding action on Polak Potrafi service. (The action was a success and I have already gotten a brief but professional analysis, and the conclusions probably will contribute to the emergence of several new, small but interesting elements in the game).

The author writes in it about, that cheat codes often are use by most engaged players just to experiment and discover as much as possible elements in the game.

Do not get angry with the players, who use fraud, while not spoil the fun to other players. Codes excluding certain challenges allow them to adjust the level of commitment to their own needs.

Hence the idea for this poll ... what do you think? Do the cheat codes should appear in MB2?

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