Video Tutorial: the cult of heroes

I am pleased to introduce you to the first in the history of the Movie Business video tutorial to the game. It is dedicated to Cult Characters. In the 10 minute video, I tell you about what is the cult of the hero, as their use in his own film, and how to add new, with the use of the service MovieStats.

In the context of the work on the MovieStats appeared, in fact, a new option that allows you to add your own iconic characters for a particular actor or actress. This movie shows in detail how to do it.

The video is recorded with the Polish comments but there are also subtitles in English. In addition, all examples have been presented on the English-language version of the game and MovieStats so that the material will be helpful also for all not speaking the language of Polish.

This is the first of this type of material for the movie Business, so let us know what you think about it. If you like it maybe in the future will follow movies about other aspects of the game.

In addition, after watching the video, you can run the game. Yesterday's version 0.9.2 contains more than 200 cult characters added by me. Immediately so you can try out this mechanism in practice. In MovieStats extended is also search engine. In addition to search it also allows developers to check whether a particular cult hero is back in the game. I hope that we also treat yourselves to add their favorite characters.

Cult characters

Just as there is a new version of the game, and I think the other interesting features. One of the following ideas that appeared are called. the cult of heroes.

What it is?

It often happens that the character played by the actor in a particular film is distinctive enough that when you create your film (e.g. the equivalent) do you think carefully about this role.

Hence the idea to the actor that plays the roles had photo clearly indicating at what's going on. This means that the actor in addition to the standard 5 images assigned to their age will be able to have additional photos of such a cult hero.

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