Probably not once leaving the cinema marudziłeś under his nose at the founders, what you have just had the opportunity to watch, convincing everyone that you would do it better, isn't it? Well, now you can give free rein to their hidden, a brilliant abilities and play the film producer.

Your tasks will include the selection of the cast, the Director, the Studio, as well as the correct advertise. Then just wait until the movie is completed, ratings and reviews of critics, as well as bars BoxOffice. If your production is to be really good, you have a chance of winning prestigious awards.

Here are the most important components of the Business.

Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy)

The first part of the game, although simple and affordable for everyone, can pull for hours. With the ability to play up to 6 people on one computer the perfect game on imprezka.

The first part of the BFa (despite numerku version 0.8.5) I consider the finite and is no longer developed.

Movie Business 2: Road to Hollywood

Bigger, better, more badness that is more complex, with greater number of parameters, game modes and features, the game for lovers of cinema. In addition to the elements known from the first part, here you can create your own scenarios in many film genres. For the production we can recruit a larger number of creators of various professions (not only the directors and actors, but also for example, composers or operators). The game offers more advanced marketing strategies, as well as the ability to invest in education or art. The second scene definitely will satisfy all for which the first part was not extensive.

The main features of the Movie Business 2:

  • local game from 1 to 20 players
  • 5 game modes (challenge, game, game party, career mode, quick play)
  • 6 film festivals, where the best movies compete for awards
  • the 10 categories in which they are awarded prizes at festivals
  • 10 types of creators
  • 23 main film genres (and more than a dozen under species)
  • 31 challenges standard
  • 100 old-timers to buy
  • over 150 trophies to earn
  • more than 500 months play in the course of a single game
  • more than 550 images to buy (the possibility of investing in art)
  • over 3300 the real creators!
  • over 5200 the elements of which are reviews (in Polish, and automatically translated to English)
  • over 10 000 photos of the actual creators and iconic heroes

In addition:

  • assistants providing tips and information,
  • investments and purchases,
  • Bank and advertising,
  • 3 levels of difficulty and the ability to bring realism to the preferences of players,
  • licenses, sequels, universes and crossovers
  • the opportunity to build and expand their studies,
  • Boxoffice best movies
  • age categories,
  • statistics online at MovieStats,
  • the automatic update of the assemblies
  • Advanced option associated with the developers (young creators, aging artists, artists according to their period of creation),
  • Chemistry and relationships between artists
  • events and decisions affecting producer video
  • the ability to create your own sets using the editor to BF2, and many other items.


ServiceMovieStats allows you to compare your statistics and accomplishments with other players of the second part of the Movie Business.

In particular, it provides:

  • Boxoffice Online which is a list of the best films made by players in the different game modes,
  • comparison of the results of the challenges (global and individual challenges),
  • compilation and comparison of trophies earned by individual players,
  • General statistics for the different game modes (number of games, earned cash, number of videos, etc.),
  • aggregate statistics about the movies, awards, box office,
  • the ability to propose the creators, which do you think is missing in BF2,
  • the ranking of the most active users of the service

MB2 Editor

You do not agree with the parameters set by the developers of the author? And you may want to create films that are very niszowi the designer or even your friends? This was the BF2 Editor.

Application that allows you to create their own set of developers to the second part of the game. Thanks to it, you have the opportunity to create actors, directors, operators, or composers, which would have seen in the Film Business.

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