Creators and Creator Sets

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Creators and Creator's sets

The game about making movies cannot do without the creators who create these movies. This chapter is dedicated to the creators and creator's sets used in the game.

Creator types

There are several types available in the game. They can be distinguished due to:

  • sex
  • job

Creators parameters

Each of the creators is characterized by the following parameters:

First NameTomCreator's first name(s)
Last NameCruiseCreator's last name
The gender of the creator. The following genders are available: male, female and anime.
JobactorThe profession of a creator. The following professions are available in the game: actor, director, composer, cinematographer, music star, sports star, politician, celebrity and virtual character.
Career start1981-05-01The date the creator started its career
Career end3000-01-01The date of the end of the creator's career. If the creator is still alive, it should be set to 3000-01-01
CountryUSThe code of the country the creator comes from.
Popularity0-100describes the popularity of a given creator.
Drama0-100A parameter describing the dramatic capabilities of a given creator.
The parameter is not used by: celebrities, politicians.
Humor0-100predisposition to roles/comedy films
The parameter is not used by: composers, cinematographers, celebrities, politicians.
Sexappeal 0-100It describes a person's apparitions and sexuality.
This parameter is not used by directors, composers, cinematographers and politicians.
Action0-100It is responsible for athleticism, as well as predisposition to films containing a large amount of action.
This parameter is not used by: politicians.
DescriptionDescription and filmography of the creator
IMDB URL Creator Profile URL
Filmweb URL to the creator's profile on Filmweb
Other URLs to another page that contains information about the creator (e.g. Wikipedia) if they do not have an IMDB or Filmweb profile

Creator Sets

The following types of sets are available in the game

Default in-game sets

The following sets are available in the game by default:

  • default – Default set available in every game type
  • fictionalCharacters – custom creator set containing fictional characters, it can only be used in the party game


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