Answers to Faq BF1

Is it possible to produce several movies at the same time?

Yes, the number of films produced simultaneously by a single player, can be set the advanced options at the beginning of the game. By default it is set to 3.

Are title of the movies affects its' profits / film scores?
No, movie titles only affect the players mood.

What to do, when the production one of players failed and there is no cash for the next film?

In case of, when other players have a lot of cash, may aid gentleman (przepraszam wszystkie panie nie zapomniałem o Was po prostu tak się pisze 🙂 wesprzeć gracza. In the 'Options / Loan’ it is possible to lend part of their money to another player. (For one time you can borrow 50% its cash).

Will the game be limited to 99 rounds?

No!!! The number of rounds of the game, you can set in the advanced options at the beginning of the game. (Button 'Advanced'’ screen, where you can select players.)

The game is too hard!

The fact that some people just say, what you can do:

  • select the game level Easy
  • in the advanced options at begging of the game, increase the maximum credit
  • at first, did not experiment with the cast (generally do not end up well in the early stages of the game)
  • do not follow computer players (a czasami robi naprawdę dziwne rzeczy 😉
  • … some think…

The game is too easy!
Po wyczynach niektórych graczy tak zacząłem sądzić 🙂

  • in 'Advanced Options’ disable the option "All artists available from the beginning of the game’
  • choose for company as much as possible 'computer artists’
  • maximum loan to get set to 'no’
  • select the game on Expert

How to make a good movie?

The question rather difficult. There is no clear answer. You will definitely want to read tips (out there once were).

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