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Search engine allows you to search the universe of games. With it, you can:

  • search for information about the movies and artists
  • you will receive additional special features not available from the normal interface
  • additional statistics about the set
  • use cheat codes

Below you will find a bit more information about each of the above options.

Search a set of artists used in the game for movies and artists will

Type a portion of the first name and last name, the name of the cult hero or the title of the video will:

  • search all the artist available in the current set by name and last name
  • search for available cult characters
  • search movie made in given game by titles
  • check whether the given film is among the cult movies by IMDBId
  • search for cult movies produced in the game

Examples of:


  • you will see all the creators of starting with the name ' Angelina’ (Angelina jolie)
  • iconic characters with this name
  • the title of the movies starting with this word

tt2911666 – check if the movie id from the imdb (John Wick) is in the game as a cult film


Available special functions:

LinkedIn – Displays all relationship with the creators for producer

disableAnime – will make that all anime end their careers

disablePersonsFrom =AA – will make that all the creators from the country aa (where ' AA’ is the country code) will end their careers.

Example: disablePersonsFrom = en – will make all the creators from Poland (PL) will end career

disablePersonsWithJob =job – will make that all the creators with given job will end their careers

the job can take the following values: celebrity, musicstar, political, sportstar, virtualperson

Example: disablePersonsWithJob = celebrity – will make all the celebrity end career

showPersonsFrom =AA – you will see all creators originating from specific country

Example: showPersonsFrom = it – you will see all creators from Italy (IT)

showPersonsWithJob =job – Displays all of the artists with specific profession.

the job can take the following values: celebrity, musicstar, political, sportstar, virtualperson

Example: showPersonsWithJob = musicstar – This will display all music stars

releasedCultMovies – Displays all of the cult movies, which have been produced in the game



Use the codes causing his retirement from parts makers could lead to undesirable situation:

  • you will not be able to produce the movie because of the lack of a given type creator (random scenarios will continue to take into account all competitions and animki)
  • in extreme cases, a set may be too small to continue playing
  • part of the calculation (where are the videos virtual producers e.g.. festivals, box office) may take longer due to the lack of appropriate creators (a need for a greater number of attempts to produce a movie)
  • his retirement follows a particular point in time and does not mean, that the type of developers may not appear in the later phase of the game (for example,. as a young talent) – the algorithms
  • It is not possible to unlock the creators who have completed their career (you have to start the game from the beginning)

Available statistics

  • statsByCountry – Displays information about the number of developers in the set according to individual countries
  • statsByYear – Displays information about the number of creators, who start a career in a specific year
  • statsByJob – number of creators by job
  • statsAwardsByPersons – Award statistics by artists


Cheat codes

  • i'm gonna make you rich – sets the value of the cash player 25 millions
  • it's all about bucks – sets the value of the cash player 50 millions
  • There is no business like movie business – sets the value of the cash player 100 millions
  • i'm peter jackson – gives the player a Cheater Studio (best studio with equipment)



  • increasing the cash is only available in quick game mode
  • at the very beginning of the game you cannot use cheat codes (you might want to try produce one or toy films before – can cheat codes will not be needed)
  • You can only have one Cheater Studio


A Word from the author for using cheat codes

The movie business has been designed in such a way that having a large amount of cash will not make automatically good movies (and make money on them). If you're new to the game and you think, that the use of cheat codes solve all your problems… It is most likely you're wrong.

Small amount of cash at the beginning of the game is to help to send them with common sense and familiar with the rules governing the game, only after they learn, you have the chance to create a good and profitable movies… Earning money and release them on the most expensive makers and studio does not necessarily produce the desired results…

do not tell, that I didn't warn you – Tomiga

In addition to this there are a few minor Easter eggs.


> Help > The Game

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