Games “MOVIE BUSINESS”, “MOVIE BUSINESS 2: ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD” and “MB2 EDITOR” are distributed as freeware, which means, that can be freely copied and distributed, without having to pay any fees under the following conditions:

It is forbidden to :

  • make any changes to the game, in particular the removal of copyright,
  • collection of fees for games,
  • decompile, disassemble and game code,
  • changes in the game files without the knowledge and consent of the author (modification of sets can be made only by means of MB2 Editor),
  • software development based on this program,
  • Every user assume the risk arising from the use of programs “MOVIE BUSINESS”,”MOVIE BUSINESS 2: ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD” and “MB2 EDITOR”. The author does not accept any responsibility for the delivered software, and especially for any damages arising from its use.

Author does not provide any guarantee or warranty that, the game will work properly and meet user's expectations for quality.

The author is not liable for any loss arising from the use of programs “MOVIE BUSINESS”, “MOVIE BUSINESS 2: ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD” and “MB2 EDITOR” including loss of anticipated benefits, data, economic information.

For its part, provides that the authors made every effort, the game does not work in any harmful way, there have not been posted any code snippets that may work to the disadvantage of the user. The game has been tested with antivirus programs.

The right to use the game, including the right to download it from this page, and the right to disseminate it, has only having regard to the above terms and conditions, and the acceptance of all conditions .

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