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By creating a script it is possible to specify in more detail the subject matter of the film using motives (aka themes). They have also consequences in the game world.

In the process of creating your own scenario the player has available a list of themes that you can use. In addition to the built-in themes, there is the option of entering your own. However, such themes entered by the player have a semantics, each of them have been assigned to one of the more general types. Here are a few examples of the types of themes available for the player.

  • time -specify the time when the action is going on (eg.15th century,romanticism,40 years of the 20th century,one day, Valentine's day)
  • place -determination of the place where the action happens (e.g.:Poland,Wrocław,office,the island,on the plane,courtroom)
  • general -General theme of the film, which can be used in any genre (,rebellion,hijacking,addiction,crisis of faith,amnesia)
  • genre -the specific subject of the film is specific to a given species (e.g..hostage (action),Comedy of errors (comedy),haunt (horror)),planning your wedding (Romance)
  • community community that is affected by the production or what happens to the action (e.g..cops,workers, street gangs, prisoners)
  • sport -sport-related themes
  • art -themes related to art

The player can use any number of themes from the given type. That is, as the time for example. definepresent day and19th century. Does this make sense? Of course, this means that the action happening in different periods (an example of such a film is like.Back to the future).

However, the total number of themes a player can add to his scenario is limited. It is initially 4. This number can be increased during the game as the player gains experience. For example, he will create level A scenarios in the genre X. or he will produce 5 films with a rating of at least 3 *.

Popular and trendy motives

Of course, some themes can be more desirable by the audience and other less. From here, the game will go on popular and trendy.

Popular themes are those that currently most frequently appear in productions in Box Officie. Trendy motifs (trends) are those on which the audience would like to go to the movies. Of both types of these themes, you will find out withgossips.

My guess is that gamers were most likely to create a movie with trendy themes. The problem is that trends, such as trends, change quickly, so the entire production process from creating a script to the premiere of a movie can be so long that a given theme is no longer fashionable.

However, if you manage to aim in such a trendy motif, you can count on additional profits.

This mechanism may also well reflect the flood of fake films similar to the Titanic near his premiere. Often, the less ambitious producers create a hasty film of low quality but for the layman easy to confuse with some great hit. Such a film must be made quickly so that trend does not pass, so it is usually of poor quality.

Motives and creators

Of course, the creators may also have their favorite themes, i.e. productions in which they would like to participate, as long as they deal with a specific topic. You will learn that a certain creator would like to play in a movie with a specific theme ... as usual, from gossip.

If the player has a scenario with a theme interesting for a specific creator, he can apply to him with a proposal for cooperation. Then the producer can initially promise him this role (the creator promises to lower his salary requirements), and in addition, he will not object to appearing in a given film due to the inappropriate script or the character of an inexperienced producer. So it may happen that the player will be contacted by a creator who would normally not be possible to hire due to his lack of willingness to cooperate or too high a price).

Such a creator may also apply at the moment of starting production and propose his participation in a given film instead of an already selected creator.

Of course, the favorite motives of creators will change over time.

Themes and events in the course of production

New mechanics is the opportunity to introduce new events that will appearduring the production. One of them will be, for example, a request from a creator to add / change a theme in the movie (most likely to be the creator's favorite). However, this is not the only event that can happen to the player. There are also other plans, but here the game will surprise you.

Motives and festivals

The same themes in the film do not have too much influence on the nominations andawards awarded at festivals. However, they will be included in two categories: Best Screenplay and Best Movie as well. Additionally, if a film wins an Oscar (in the Best Film category), one of the themes of the film may become trendy.

Statistical information about the motives

Probably the first set of themes delivered with the game will get a lot of comments and notes. Therefore, the game will feature simple telemetry that sends usage statistics for individual themes. This applies to built-in themes (how often the player used a given theme), as well as new ones that you add during the game. Thanks to this, I will be able to check what themes you expect and expand the game with the most interesting and the most frequently added ones.

Note: Cult movies (films formed on the basis of data from actual movies from IMDB) do not have themes due to the lack of such information in the export from this base. More about the idea and how implemented technically have been cult films you may have read here.


You have already found out what motives are, but what are tags then? I admit that tags were the working name for themes. However, I decided to distinguish between the themes selected by the player and the tags with which the movie can be described. In addition to the motives with which the player describes the script, the movie itself can also be tagged. Tagging is done automatically by the game and can happen at different points in the life of the movie. During the start or running of production, at the time of release, and even long after it.

What tags may be used? Let's assume that during the production of the film, the player met with a production event, where a certain company offered him to place an advertisement for their product in the film (product placement). If a player agreed to it, then the movie will receive additional tag "product placement".

Later in the game this gives you an additional option, e.g. movie with a tagproduct placement decreasethe hype production or make fewer people go to the film (annoyed by more commercials for dog food or other sausages;). Of course, this is just an example, because thanks to this mechanism you will be able to add tags such as:

  • winning (If the film won a prize)
  • guilty pleasures (e.g. films with a poor rating, which were profitable because the audience likes them)
  • black and white (the name of the filter used by the player during the post production)
  • top one (the movie reached number one in Box Office)
  • Blockbuster - the film meets the criteria of blockbusters (appropriate genre, studio and post-production, as well as budget)

In the first version, this mechanic will not be used too intensively, but these few sample tags illustrate the concept that I hope will be developed with the help of players in the future ...😉

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