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Through advertising you have the opportunity to increase public interest in film, which is equivalent to the achievement of bigger profits.

Type (media) advertising

There we have the following types of (media) advertising:

  • Posters, leaflets, internet
  • Press
  • Radio
  • TV
  • TV Sat

They differ in effectiveness (reaching a wider group of audience), and hence the price.

Advertising budget

Advertising a movie, you can define the advertising budget. There are following types of budget split:

  • for the entire campaign spend X cash
  • each month, spend X cash
  • each month, spend X% cash (X is between 0-100)
  • each month, spend X% of the profits from the previous month

Advertising intensity

In one month, it is possible to use only a limited number of advertising units. This is called advertising intensity. For each type of advertising is the maximum intensity 9 units.

The marketing campaign

Specifies how to distribute the funds for advertising.

Type Description
Start from posters and leaflets The budget will be allocated starting from the cheapest advertising media (Posters and leaflets). When the intensity of the advertising medium reach 9 units, and advertising budget still remains, then another (more expensive medium) is selected until the budget is exhausted or use of maximum intensity for each available media.
Start with satellite TV The budget will be allocated starting from the most expensive advertising media (TV Sat). Then, similarly as above.
Percentage – defined by the player The player can define how the percentage of its advertising budget will be distributed on specific advertising media.

Additional notes

  • In the case where, during the marketing campaign in a given month some money left they will not be used
  • the maximum intensity for one medium is 9 which is the maximum amount as may be spend for advertising in single month (9 x 20 000) + (9 * 65 000) + (9 * 120 000) + (9 * 300 000) + (9 * 500 000) – the remaining money will not be used.
  • the length ofadvertising time depends on film production time (assuming you have not used the entire advertising budget before)
  • at any time (month) You can change the marketing campaigns, it will be updated (does not affect the existing ad, which has already been already conducted)

The advertising potential

How intensely you can advertise the film depends on its the advertising potential. Advertising greater than the potential of advertising has no advantage, and perhaps even lead to over investement of film.

What affects the advertising potential?

On advertising potential of production following items affects:

  • popular artists, in particular (celebrities, music and sport stars and politicians)
  • scenario and its parameters
  • evaluation of the film and creators
  • movie genre
  • special effects (studio/postproduction)


The hype is an additional, free advertising. The sooner you start to advertise your movie all the more to grow its the hype. When the film is the continuation of the at the start, it has already been a the hype Depending on the popularity of the original production.


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