Series of games Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) is based on the license freeware (it means it is a free game). You do not have to pay anything to legally use programs based on this license. However, if you like these games, you spent many hours over MB or MB2, having fun, appreciating the author's willingness, knowledge, time devoted to the project and want to motivate him to continue working. You can directly express your approval by paying any amount to the author's account.

Paper-4 to 24.991 to 6.99
BronzeIn-game bonuses.25 to 39.997 to 9.99
SilverBonuses in MovieStats40 to 59.9910 to 14.99
GoldCloud profiles.60 to 99.9915 to 24.99
Platinum???From 100 to "sky is the Limit"25 to "Sky is the Limit"

Details of how to do it and what bonuses you can expect after your donation, you will find on this page.

  • How you can make a donation.
  • Bonuses for donors.
  • A few words from the author regarding the idea of ​​donation amounts, and why you can not send SMS
  • Donors – that is a list of people who have decided to donate

How you can make a donation

You have two methods of payment:

  • direct payment on account of the author
  • payment by PayPal (bank transfers)

Direct payment on account

You can donate any amount to the following Developer's account

Bank/account number: BRE Bank/93 1140 2004 0000 3002 3357 3234
Owner:Tomasz Samczuk
Address:54-234 Wroclaw

In the transfer, please provide the following information:
BF Prefix:
E-mail contact (first name and last name or nickname)

Example: BF: (first name and surname/Nickname)

Payment by PayPal

If for some reason you cannot make a deposit directly into your bank account (e.g. you want to donate money while being resident in another country), you can use PayPal.
Use the following icons to make a PayPal transaction.

Payment information please provide the following information:
BF Prefix:

E-mail contact (first name and last name or nickname)

Example: BF: (first name and surname/Nickname)

Bonuses for donors

All those who decide to donate some amount can count on certain privileges and bonuses. Their quantity and type depends on the amount given. Here are the levels of donors depending on the amount paid:

  • Paper – 4 to 24.99 PLN(or 1 to 6.99 EUR)
  • Bronze – 25 to 39,99 PLN (or 7 to 9.99 EUR)
  • Silver – from 40 to 59.99 PLN (or 10 to 14.99 EUR)
  • Gold – from 60 to 99.99 PLN (or 15 to 24.99 EUR)
  • Platinum – from 100 PLN to “sky is the limit” (or 25 to “sky is the limit” EUR)

And here you will find the detailed meaning of each levels and bonuses for donors:

PAPER – I appreciate the author's work but not interested in bonuses

You want to send some symbolic amount as support for the project but you do not want / can not spend too much money for this purpose? No problem, every transfer is welcome. With the amount from this range, you can count on:

  • email, personal thanks from the author
  • putting on a special page (Donors BF) – If you do not want, send me an email with this information,
  • the priority in the case of special action, if in the future such appear (for example, any closed alpha or beta test future versions) 4 PLN  | 1 EUR

BRONZE – I will support the project, and by the way I get my in-game bonuses

In this case, in addition, you will receive a special code that version 0.7.5 will unlock the following bonuses:

  • Special, Platinum Trophy ' Donor ',
  • Additional Assistant,
  • in the party game mode, the option to start the game 5 years earlier than normal and ending 5 years later (which allows you to extend the game by an additional 120 rounds)
  • access to additional creators - so-called "Legends", the greatest movie stars, such as Marilyn Monroe, Zbigniew Cybulski, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Bruce Lee ... and many more
  • Game+ (Possibility to continue the game after the end of the standard time provided for the type of game)
  • Ability to write custom scenarios (for use in subsequent games) 25 PLN  | 7 EUR

SILVER – extra option to MovieStats

An extra bonus for users who choose to donate such amount, the ability to view the complete information about the films of other players in the MovieStats.

By default, in detailed information about films produced by other producers, you can not see their review or cast (this was to prevent mass copying of ideas for good movies). With this donation you will be able to view full information about the productions of other players. 40 PLN  | 10 EUR


The ability to store your profile in the cloud on the game server. Profile will be exported after the end of the game on a game server. It can be download to another computer (or after reinstalling your computer) and continue to earn trophies and punching stats.

To learn more about storing your cloud profiles, see This help page 60 PLN  | 15 EUR


Putting photos and your character as the creator in the default, bundled with the official Movie Business 2 Game. 100 PLN  | 25 EUR

Additional Information

  • Of course, by paying a higher amount, you automatically receive all the bonuses from the lower category.
  • The resulting code for the donors is a lifetime for MB2 (ie. When upgrading to the next version of the game should still work) – the only case when it may stop working when special circumstances for some reason you will need to change the hashing algorithm

After the payment please send me an email with information about this fact (speed up the process of code delivery – in another case, this may take longer).

A few words from the author regarding the idea of ​​donation amounts, and why you can not send SMS

If you are not completely convinced by the idea of a donation, you are in doubt as to the amount of time spent on this “small project”. You are interested in how much time “costs” creating a game like a Movie Business? Do you have any doubts what amount will be appropriate as a donation? Why can not you simply send a premium SMS? These are the questions (and a few more), you will find the answer in textthat was inspired by one of the players (Oldhamer).


You can find a list of current donors in the section Donors.

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